And We’re Back… Welcome to

Vortainment Announcement

Vortainment Announcement

Around two months ago, we were hit with a terrible set back to this site. We ended up losing our domain name, and with it all of the SEO that we had built up and email addresses tied to that domain.

I contemplated ending the site in the aftermath, but we had worked hard since 2011 to build the site up. It hurt to lose it, sure, but outside of the name the rest of the site remained and can be rebuilt.

Today, we’re reopening the site softly. Some stuff remains hidden, some more work needs to be done, and new updates will begin popping up as soon as Monday.

More importantly, we have a new name. We’re now known as Vortainment. Why? Because it’s easy to brand, it’s a unique name. It combines part of our old name, Vortex, and part of what this site is all about, “entertainment.” Vortainment is “a vortex of entertainment.” Gaming, wrestling, movies, television, and even some sports now that college football is just around the corner.

With the new name comes a brand new domain right; we’re now at

Expect a lot of new reviews to begin popping up on the site. The first game review will be hitting next week, and that’ll be for Defiance 2050. Movie reviews, both new and old, will be posted soon as well. More news, particularly on the gaming and wrestling front, and more features are also coming.

Destiny Daily is beginning again on Tuesday. I want to do a frequent Defiance series as well, and we’ll have a guide to weapon enhancement coming early next week on that game. Maybe some video content finally, probably centered on Defiance and Destiny 2.

It’s the same site, but a different site. We’re back, but now the fun begins as the rebuilding process really gets underway. It’s essentially starting from scratch here, but we’re going to make this version of the site bigger and better than the old one.

Gary, aka PatriotPaine, is Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Vortainment. He's usually posting news and reviews, and doing all the back end stuff as well. Patriot likes to play video games, watch movies, wrestling and college football (Roll Tide Roll).

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