Occasionally here on the site I do a little post titled “Patriot’s Playing” where I talk about the game or games that I’ll be playing in the current week. It’s not a weekly thing, usually just when I’m switching things around and playing something different or going back to an older favorite. I’ll still be doing these little posts, but I’m also expanding the idea of it with live streams.

Tonight, we launch the Vortainment channel on Twitch. Here on the site, I’ll be advertising and calling these live streams Patriot’s Playing LIVE, and the first one happens tonight.

Join me tonight at 9pm CT on the new Vortainment channel on TwitchTV. I’ll be live streaming some Destiny 2 from the PS4.

On the agenda tonight is to run The Shattered Throne dungeon a couple of times, help Vortainment staff member Sandman (Brian) get the Wish Ender, and also crush my soul with some Gambit as I finally attempt to get the Malfeasance quest because I haven’t played Gambit in over a month as I’m not a big fan of the mode).

On the Gambit front, if you play on PS4 then I might have a spot open. If you want to potentially play with me and run some Gambit, make sure you tune into the stream tonight.

So join me tonight for some Destiny 2 action for our first Vortainment live stream and help us out by hitting the follow button as well: http://twitch.tv/vortainment.