Some slightly bad news for us PlayStation gamers, GGG has announced that the PS4 release of Path of Exile has been delayed from mid-December to early February.

In a statement posted on the Path of Exile forum,  they said “We underestimated the amount of work it would take to finish the certification process during the busy Christmas period.”

They go on to say “While we hope to have everything ready in January, we feel a lot more comfortable promising early February as a target release window.”

The good news is, up until a month or so ago we didn’t even think Path of Exile would be coming to PS4. So what’s another two month wait at this point? They also say that the delay will give them time to improve the game’s performance and framerate, which they think can be improved before release.

They close with a promise:

“We promise that Path of Exile will be awesome on PlayStation 4 when it is released early next year.”

Patriot’s Point: Obviously disappointed by this news, but ultimately it isn’t that big of a wait and it seems like the game will probably be in an even better state when it does release.