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Next Week In Destiny 2: Iron Banner, Increased Valor (7/23)

Next Week In Destiny 2

Here’s whats coming to Destiny 2 next week on reset, Tuesday, July 23rd:

Lord Saladin will return to host Iron Banner Control as the weekly Crucible playlist. Prove yourself worthy because your Power will matter!

Alongside the return of Iron Banner, bonus Valor will be award in all Crucible playlists. The bonus will be 2x from reset Tuesday through reset Friday. On reset Friday through reset Tuesday, bonus Valor will be at 3x.

If you’re hunting for Valor resets, as will be a requirement for Solstice of Heroes armor, or like me finally looking to get Redrix’s Broadsword and need five resets, this will be the perfect time to get the Valor you need.

The Flashpoint next week will be on Nessus.

Also happening next week, we’ll get official information from Bungie on this year’s Solstice of Heroes, which begins on July 30th.

In case you missed it, we have our Shadowkeep Prep Guide now available. Check it out here. We’re under two months away from release, now is the time to start prepping.

If you need a clan heading into Shadowkeep, our clan, Valguard, is currently in Open Membership:

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