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AEW Dynamite

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AEW Dynamite 5/5/2021

In the big main event, it’s the Blood and Guts match between The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Santana, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Hager) against The Pinnacle (MJF, Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Shawn Spears, and Wardlow).

While this will be the first Blood and Guts match in AEW, a scheduled one between The Inner Circle and The Elite was cancelled last year due to COVID, the match isn’t new to wrestling fans as it’s better known as WAR GAMES.

Also tonight on AEW Dynamite:

  • Cody Rhodes takes on QT Marshall
  • Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa face Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston
  • Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D will be in action
  • In 4-Way Tag Team Eliminator action it’s SCU vs. Varsity Blonds vs. Jurassic Express vs. The Acclaimed
Topic starter Posted : May 5, 2021 1:47 PM
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Well that was certainly something.

Already seeing praise for the main event, but I didn't like it.

Not necessarily their fault, but for one the commercials did the match no favors.

Beyond that, all sorts of sloppiness and typical overbooked hardcore crap. It's laughable that five guys are in complete control and yet can't maintain it.

Jericho did a terrible job of letting everyone see him pull the blade out of his tape and hold it in his fingers for way too long before the opportunity came to use it.

The ending also laughably bad. They mentioned Jericho was going to be thrown to the concrete below, but it clearly wasn't concrete. Obvious mats/cardboard made to look like a steel ramp.

I don't have a problem with the safety aspect of that, but when it's so obvious that there was nothing impactful or dangerous about the spot, don't have the announcers sell it as if the person damn near died. It wasn't quite on the level of the explosive deathmatch nonsense, but just stop doing needless BS that looks terrible.

If I'm being overly harsh on it, well someone has to be. AEW shouldn't get passes for terribleness just because they aren't WWE.

Topic starter Posted : May 5, 2021 9:13 PM

Personally thought last night's episode was one of the better episodes of Dynamite.  Liked everything about it

Posted : May 13, 2021 5:14 PM
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I've watched Dynamite the past few weeks, and I still don't see why it gets so much praise.

I know some of you guys like it a lot, and I'm not trying to be a downer about it, but I see a lot of stuff that is equally as bad as anything WWE does and a lot of stuff that if WWE did would get slammed by the same fans (not you guys).

There are certainly aspects of the show I like. It has a different vibe than WWE that is much appreciated, and in a lot of ways captures those 95/96 Nitro's that I liked so much. I like that they run down the whole show at the beginning and it don't really feature the super lame "impromptu matches" that happen every RAW and Smackdown.

And of course I'll always hate on garbage wrestling like that main event. Not a fan, will never be a fan.

Topic starter Posted : July 29, 2021 9:08 AM

Dynamite isn't perfect but I've yet to not be entertained.  For me the worst part is probably Jim Ross' commentating most weeks.  I like JR but so many weeks he just comes off as a stereotypical "grumpy old man" who seems off.  If he wasn't legend status I believe he would have been pulled from that role a long time ago.  I'd like to see a shakeup in that regard at some point.  I like Tony, Excalibur is alright but I'd use him for the Youtube shows and bring another guy in to pair with Tony.  Don't need a 3 man booth IMO.  I know that's the thing now but it's not necessary.

I say it all the time I just feel AEW offers more flavors of ice cream than WWE.   I don't dislike WWE, I've been a fan for far too long for that to happen but they really don't seem interested in putting on wrestling tv shows.  The WWE model is put on solid to great PPV events and fill the rest of their programming with anything in order to get that advertising money.  If they could get away with it they'd literally run the same exact card every Monday and Friday.  Heck some weeks they do that.  They also have this weird thing that instead of matches ending with "finisher hit, clean pinfall" they overly rely on rollups.  Now they just seem to create whatever rules they want too and sometimes you can just randomly get DQed.  Even if it's something you've seen a million times.

This week's Dynamite:


10 man tag opener.  Honestly I would have closed with this.  Everybody knows the endgame is Hangman vs Omega but rather than going the obvious route AEW is going to keep us guessing with how we get there.  Would I have been mad if Hangman beat the odds and won?  No, but it also would have made no sense.  For one guy to single-handedly beat Omega and the Bucks one by one when they've been nearly untouchable this year would have seemed very unlikely.  Instead Hangman lost but showed he wouldn't go out easy.  Also clearly setting up Hangman kicking out of the One Winged Angel.  Was it a perfect match?  Nope but 10 man tag matches never are.  Still was pretty entertaining and took an unexpected turn with the story.

* Promo with PAC.  I like the seeds being planted here.  Downside is if this is in fact leading to the Lucha Bros switching sides  that they will have been flipping a bit.  Started with PAC, then Kingston.  Had a falling out with Kingston then PAC shows back up.  Then became besties with Kingston again in between PAC appearances.  Ultimately though the payoff is PAC vs Andrade and I'm all for it.

*Starks celebration.  I like Starks but wasn't a lot here.  Did crack me up that they recruited extras who could both play musical instruments and take bumps.  Everyone knew Cage/Starks wasn't over and Cage had said he was going to show up.  To me Cage has been handled pretty iffy since signing with AEW so this will hopefully lead to more tv time.  Cage is a hell of a talent and his booking has been very start/stop since showing up.  Starks is just a fun heel and just has that persona that instantly makes you want to boo him. 

*Tanahashi to coming for a match should fun. 

Santana/Ortiz vs FTR.  I hope these guys get a chance to run it back.  Would have liked to see FTR slow it down and work in a good classic "face in peril" spot.  I know it's cliche as hell but FTR really excels in those spots and the creative ways they break up/block tags just as you think they are doing the hot tag.  Shame Cash got sliced up pretty bad on the ring post and hopefully recovery goes smooth.  That's a rough spot to suffer a deep cut like that and high chance of infection.  Can't generally stitch that area effectively.  The ending was a bit abrupt and I get that the ref called for the "go home" on the fly but would have liked to see something less "clean."  Obviously the circumstances were what they were but hitting a random brainbuster and getting a clean pin after you had been dominated for a good chunk of the match just seemed strange.

*Britt Promo.  Pretty standard with what we expect from Britt but I imagine with the wrist injury just finding ways to keep her on tv while she recovers.  Probably take it easy while the next contender is built up.  With Thunder Rosa officially signing they have to run that back at some point.

*Rampage @ United Center/Darby Promo - Punk better be signed.  You either are heading for a deafening pop or setting yourself up to lose an insane amount of goodwill with their fans.  That said I refuse to believe AEW would book the United Center if Punk wasn't showing.  The Darby promo/tease was fine.  I know Sand isn't a fan and not saying Darby is a great promo but his style fits his character.  Again though wasn't much to it but definitely meant to tease Punk.

Archer vs Hikuleo - In the words of Big E "big beefy men slapping meat."  Missed some of the match but what I saw was a fun brawl and glad to see Archer getting some big wins. 

*Cody/Black - looking forward to this.  Cody gets the small details.  Wearing a solid white suit to represent good while you brawl with Black in his dark suit representing evil.  Don't beat you over the head with it but it's there.  I wonder if Cody is taking some time off since it wouldn't surprise me if he gets put on the shelf next week.

*Miro promo.  Loving the change in Miro's character and whether it's him beating the crap out of someone who throwing out classic Miro lines he's great in his current role

HFO vs Jungle Express and Christian. - Match was okay.  Private Party seem like once they botch something it turns into a domino effect with them which led to some sloppy moments.  I also in general think the HFO expanded too much.  Hardy and Private Party as a trio was fine.  Throwing into two extra tag teams is an odd choice even if a member from each of those teams is M.I.A. at the moment.  I have a feeling at some point Christian is going to turn heel and it'll likely come at the expense of Jungle Boy so been keeping an eye on that.  Not sure how quick it'll happen but could see Christian challenging Omega and losing.  Do the classic scenario where Jungle Boy runs out to neutralize interference from the Elite but inadvertently cause Christian to take his focus off Omega and lose.  Thus he turns on Jungle Boy.  Also would be a good program for Christian to work with Jungle Boy behind the scenes on his promos. 

Thunder Rosa vs Julia Hart.  This was basically a showcase match for Thunder Rosa and let everyone know she is signed now.  She's been a mainstay on Dark and Elevation but really hasn't done much on Dynamite since beating Britt in the Lights Out match.  Not sure if it'll be All Out but she's definitely on a collision course with Baker.

Gage vs Jericho.  Match was never going to be pretty and considering Gage's reputation was pretty surprised this was even going to happen.  There was some clever things done in this match to make it resemble a Death Match without committing and doing some of the crazier spots for real.  These are things I picked up on: 1.) The pizza cutters were gimmicked.  First one was real but just did a quick cut on Jericho's arm and quickly was knocked out of play.  This is the one Aubrey grabbed early on.  This was to establish "Gage is crazy and has his classic pizza cutter weapon."  The other one we see later was completely dull.  This is why Jericho went to the corner after being "cut".  He bladed to create the illusion that it was done by the pizza cutter.  2.) The pane of glass wasn't your typical pane of glass.  I'm sure it has an exact name but this glass was the same type of glass as a car windshield.  If you've ever been in a car accident or seen one where the windshield breaks you'll notice that it breaks into small pieces.  This is to minimize cuts.  The small chunks can cause small fine cuts but there is no danger of a large jagged chunk of glass piercing you.  The downside of this is it can end up flying on impact and covering large distances, thus we saw pieces of this glass fly into the crowd.  While you aren't going to get seriously injured (well technically it can get in your eye) not good to project glass into the crowd.  So while the spot was safer for it's performers I don't think we'll be a seeing a similar spot again any time soon.  3.) Light tubes while unpredictable at times aren't bad with how they were being used.  When death matches do the bit where the whole ring is surrounded by light tubes in the ring ropes you are asking for trouble.  Thus Gage years ago got badly pierced by one.  Breaking them over your back, especially covered isn't going to do much.  The impact causes zero pain as they really aren't designed to sustain impact they just create a visual.  Like the windshield glass it's the small particles and dust that generally cause the cuts which you don't want to in your eyes.  The image of stabbing someone with the bigger bits is real but in this case really was mainly just pretending to push deep into the skin and then did some small impact pokes.  Didn't feel great but far cry from being stabbed.

So yeah was a sloppy "wrestling match", okay for a brawl but at least way safer than the same spots worked out in these small fed death matches.  Overall was a fun Dynamite.  Main Event in a perfect world would have opened but cleaning the ring after that match was probably a pain and that mat was toast with all the fine pieces of glass/light tube.

Posted : August 1, 2021 10:24 AM
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