Black Hawk Down Review

Black Hawk Down

Excellent Movie

Black Hawk Down Review

Black Hawk Down is exactly what a historical war movie should be; dirty, intense, graphic, and realistic violence. No BS to try and push one or two characters as the main story, and no romanticizing the facts to make a more “Hollywood friendly movie”.

There are no main characters in this film. Some guys may be shown more than others, but this movie focuses on the reality of what the REAL soldiers went through during the ACTUAL battle of Mogadishu. Get the Ultimate Edition, 3-Disc DVD set and it comes with The True Story of Black Hawk Down documentary that features interviews with the real soldiers who were portrayed in the movie, as well as timelines for the actual event.

Watch that, and you will understand how true to the war Ridley Scott kept this film, which was perfectly adapted from Mark Bowden’s novel/Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper series in 1997.

Easily one of the best and most accurate war movies ever made, Black Hawk Down features career best performances from some cast members, as well as some realistic effects. A great job of showing the pure hell some 100 US soldiers went through in what was suppose to be a thirty minute mission. It’s 100 soldiers versus a very angry, very hostile, and very armed city.

A must see film.

Black Hawk Down gets a five out of five: EXCELLENT.

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  1. Bad ass, intense movie. Not to be missed.


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