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Inversion Review


Inversion Review

Greetings everyone and welcome one more time to The Backlog. I’m a little passed my goal of getting this posted a week after the release, but it’s been a busy week. On top of that, I’m not exactly overcome with excitement to talk about Inversion, which, as you probably already noticed from the title, is the game we’ll be reviewing today. So, without further adieu, let’s get this thing over with.

The game starts with a cut scene, as Davis (you) tied up and weary from what was probably a severe beating as some alien creature speaks to a crowd of other aliens in their foreign tongue. One can only assume that there is an execution about to take place and that Davis (again, that’s you) will be on the wrong end of said execution. Davis is narrating as the alien continues speaking, and soon we go back in time to where the aliens invaded and after some more cut scene, playable action finally begins (about damn time).

You take over as the aliens have invaded while Davis and his partner are on their way to Davis’s apartment to see his wife and daughter. Obviously a swarm of aliens throws a monkey wrench into that plan, at which point these two cops pull some rather impressive firepower from the trunk of the car…note to self, become cop, keep assault rifles in trunk, shoot people that look like pigs.

Inversion Screenshot 01

Anyway, this carries on as a ho-hum third person shooter as you fight your way to the Davis apartment. Upon reaching the floor Davis lives on, you see his wife dead in the hall. Racing into the apartment, you quickly find that the daughter is no where to be found. Shortly after, Davis and his partner are captured aliens and taken to some kind of slave labor camp…didn’t take them long to construct that.

After what seems like another fifty cut scenes, you and your partner are sent into the mines and given what should be the coolest weapon in the game, the gravity gun. Basically how this works, is on the default setting, you fire this in an area, and almost anything not bolted down starts floating. You can then use your powerful gravity hand to pull floating items to you and toss them into enemies (or, send floating enemies sailing through the air). On it’s other setting, it causes floating or flying things to become very heavy and send them crashing down, or at the very least, slow them down.

As luck would have it, a member of the military is put in the cell next to you and he causes a scene, the guards take him away, allowing you and your partner to break out. After the two of you sneak out of the compound, you begin your trek back to the city to track down Davis’s daughter.

Eventually, you meet up with some resistance fighters, military types like the guy that helped you break out of the camp, and you do some walking on the sides of buildings, fly through the air while grabbing on to floating objects.

Inversion Screenshot 02

Now normally I would try to write something about twice this long when reviewing a game, but two things are stopping me in this instance. First, I am way behind schedule and have finally got a window of time to churn something out. Second, and more importantly, this game was not very good, but it also lacked the necessary qualities of awfulness that would allow me to just make fun of it.

This game is just kind of…there. Not awful, but not good either. Actually it’s not even average in my estimation, which leaves it as poor.

Do not put this high on your list of games to play, price drops will come quickly, save yourself some case before you even think about getting this snooze fest. Until next time, Game On.

Inversion gets a two out of five: FORGETTABLE.

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