Spartacus Vengeance Review

Spartacus Vengeance

Spartacus Vengeance Complete Season Review

Following the events of Blood and Sand, Spartacus and his gang of gladiators and other slaves are free of their shackles and making a mess of things for the Romans. After slaying the man who had his wife killed, Spartacus turns his attention towards vengeance on Glaber, the man who made both Spartacus and Sura slaves in the first place.

Vengeance is a perfect name for this season. Not only does Spartacus finally get his vengeance, but there’s a ton of backstabbing and treachery going on in this season leading to some pretty harsh vengeance being taken (or attempted and failing in some places).

During this season, Glaber transforms into quite the villain. At times it was easy to be sympathetic towards him, but after so much manipulation, betrayal, mocking, and humiliation, Glaber snaps and becomes a truly evil person. Indeed, Glaber murders countless people in this season, including Ilithyia’s father Senator Albinius.

Lucretia, who didn’t die in the Blood and Sand finale, continues her love/hate relationship/feud with Ilithyia and it is just as entertaining as ever. When these two are screen together, you cannot believe a single word they say as both are constantly plotting behind the others back. It’s a story arch that came to a good resolution in the season finale.

Spartacus Vengeance

This season really ramped up the action sequences. There’s some particular brutal scenes in the episode “A Place In This World” where we get the backstory on Oenomaus (previously known as Doctore). Likewise, Glaber’s band of gladiator like mercenaries led by Ashur (who does not have a single redeeming quality and is easily the best villain on the show) are responsible for a lot of carnage and death.

One of the more spectacular and fitting moments in the series’ history occurs in the episode “Libertus.” Not only does this episode bring Gannicus into the equation, it also sees the awesome destruction of the arena of Capua at the hands of Spartacus and his people as they rescue Crixus and Oenomaus who are fighting for their lives in the arena once again. To see the arena fall at the hands of the former slaves who spilled much blood upon its sands was a fitting end to one chapter of the Spartacus story.

The season finale is every bit as exciting as the season finale of Blood and Sand and is likewise aptly titled; “Wrath of the Gods.” Lots of fighting, some great explosive action, and plenty of death comes to characters we came to either love or hate, or love to hate, since the first season including Glaber finally meeting his demise by the hands of Spartacus. Confident after their victory, Spartacus declares they’ll now become an army and make Rome tremble.

Vengeance was a great season, even better than Blood and Sand in my opinion (even though I think Andy was the better Spartacus, Liam certainly did grow into the role and make it his own). Like the previous two Blu-ray sets, this is absolutely a must own set.

Spartacus Vengeance gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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