Stargate SG1: Season 8 Review

Season eight of SG-1 had a great deal to live up to considering how wonderful season seven was. At the exact same time, period 8 was a transitional year for SG-1. Jack O’& rsquo; Neill was advertised to General and also offered command of the SGC, which eliminated him from the SG-1 team. It was likewise the first season of SG-1 to run alongside the SG-1 offshoot “& ldquo; Atlantis, & rdquo; which might have shed some people out (it didn’& rsquo; t me; I & rsquo;d love to have all three shows broadcasting weekly right now).

Last time around I claimed that season seven really was the end of “& ldquo; timeless SG-1 & rdquo; as we had actually familiarized it. As a matter of fact, period 7 could have been a wonderful collection finale (though I’& rsquo; m glad it wasn & rsquo; t ). Season 8 on the various other hand actually was the transitional year that concluded “& ldquo; traditional SG-1 & rdquo; things. By the end of the season, the Jaffa have actually won their liberty and both the Replicator & rsquo; s and also the Gou & rsquo; ald have been beat. Whatever we had actually familiarized from SG-1 wraps up with this season.

This period isn’& rsquo; t rather just as good as period seven, due in large part since it has more episodes that aren’& rsquo; t so excellent (Absolutely no Hr, Icon, Affinity, Complete Alert, as well as Citizen Joe). Of course the period also has some truly great as well as great episodes (New Order 1 && 2, Character [a fave of mine], Covenant, Endgame, Prometheus Unbound [I’& rsquo; m a Claudia Black follower, and also this episode introduced us to her Vala Mal Doran character], It’& rsquo; s Excellent To Be King [as I’& rsquo; ve stated in previous QDR’& rsquo; s, I & rsquo; m a large fan of Maybourne], Numeration 1 & & 2, Threads, and Moebius 1 && 2)

. The period ended with both component Moebius, which was a timeless Stargate time-traveling episode. It was an enjoyable way to actually bring the program full circle with the movie; SG-1 provoking the disobedience in Egypt that forced Ra to leave Planet and also the Stargate be hidden. In a sense, these 2 episodes could have functioned as the perfect ending for SG-1.

It is an actually excellent season, yet the dynamic of the show just didn’& rsquo; t work too with O & rsquo; Neill as head of the SGC instead of a participant of SG-1. As high as I like Richard Dean Anderson and the O’& rsquo; Neill character, period 8 offered much more as a great period sandwiched in between 2 great season’& rsquo; s(seven, O & rsquo; Neill & rsquo; s last season as a participant of SG-1, as well as nine, where O’& rsquo; Neill wasn & rsquo; t around besides a couple of cameo looks). Absolutely a period worth enjoying countless times however, so it should definitely be in your collection.

Stargate SG-1 Period 8 gets a four out of five: FANTASTIC.


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