South Park – The Stick of Truth Review

South Park: The Stick of Truth had a tumultuous growth cycle that saw its initial author (THQ) go out of business and also numerous delays to the point that many people presumed the game would become canceled. Luckily, the game wasn’& rsquo; t terminated as well as ultimately launched previously this month. Its release reveals that Ubisoft was wise to obtain the title in the THQ auction, that a great South Park game could be made, and that Obsidian can toenail their goal of making the game resemble an episode of the popular show.

Make indisputable concerning it, if you are not a follower South Park the show then there is no real reason for you to get this video game. Besides, most of the video game’& rsquo; s beauty comes from the truth that it plays out like a large superb episode of the program complete with lots of follower solution. If however you do enjoy South Park, then this is most definitely a game that you definitely need to play and also will ultimately truly take pleasure in.

Like the show, The Stick of Fact isn’& rsquo; t for the quickly offended or those who take points way too seriously. There’& rsquo; s a great deal of excessive product in below’that & rsquo; s sure to gross out people as well as offend multiple groups. Nevertheless, one degree is conveniently the most horrible level ever in a computer game (spoiler: you rise Mr. Servant’& rsquo; s ass and also make your means via his intestinal tracts) and also the game also consists of aborted unborn children that become Nazi zombies. So to the state the game isn’& rsquo; t for everyone would be a little understatement. Yet if you delight in South Park’& rsquo; s humor, you & rsquo; ll locate a lot

of charm throughout the video game. The celebrity of The Stick of Reality is easily its discussion. When the game was first announced and also it was exposed that it would certainly be a turn based RPG that would resemble the TV show, I was highly doubtful. Besides, South Park didn’& rsquo; t have a history of solid games (nearly all of them have been garbage barely looking like the resource material) as well as frankly Obsidian is far from a creating studio whose games I anticipate being anything above suitable to lightly excellent. However I give Obsidian their props; they absolutely toenailed the presentation to the factor where the game does look just like an episode of the show. It’& rsquo; s rather remarkable. Obviously appearing like an episode of the show does mean that The Stick of Fact isn’& rsquo; t the best looking video game graphically about.

Something that I don’& rsquo; t like concerning the video game though is that the structure rate can obtain rather uneven when walking around certain components of community (on the PS3 version a minimum of, I can’& rsquo; t speak on the other variations). I also had issues with sound some times quiting. There was one insect that annoyed me for a brief quantity of time where I ended up a battle near the end of the game as well as the screen was pitch black except for the hud. I might relocate and also do stuff like fart, yet I couldn’& rsquo; t see anything. I might stop the game and also play around in the menus too. So I left the video game as well as reentered as well as of course it vehicle saved right after the fight and it was exactly the exact same. A Google search revealed that changing your celebration member would certainly fix the concern, and fortunately that ended up sufficing.

As an JRPG, The Stick of Fact strikes most of the best notes. The turn based battle works effectively and also is easy to master as well as keeps you on your toes by needing good timing like the Mario RPGs. The video game has a ton of loot, although most of it is scrap that you can’& rsquo; t do anything with but offer, and of course tons of modification items ranging from weapons, clothes/armor, hair styles, comprise, and facial hair. As you progress through the game and also degree up, you’& rsquo; ll get much better equipment that you can additionally raise by customizing it with a couple of capacities or benefits. Where the video game didn’& rsquo; t truly succeed is in separating the courses (mage, warrior, burglar, as well as Jew). Beyond some starting cosmetic and tool differences, there isn’& rsquo; t a lot that separates the classes (beyond an ability) and that actually impedes the replay worth.

RPG perfectionists will possibly take a look at the games 8 to 10 hr campaign as being a joke as well, however allowed’& rsquo; s be straightforward here: would any individual wish to play this ready 20 hrs, let alone 50+ for one play-through? I don’& rsquo; t think so; I think already the game would have lengthy worn its welcome as well as would certainly’& rsquo; ve just been dragging. The size of the campaign here appears nearly appropriate wherefore it is, as well as I’& rsquo; m not one to usually “state & ldquo; less is better, & rdquo; but in this instance I think that is most definitely the

case. South Park: The Stick of Reality is essentially a love letter to the fans of the future series. The video game is absolutely littered with referrals and also callbacks to episodes of the program. It’& rsquo; s these moments that actually assist contribute to the game and also truly put it a lot more in the South Park cosmos than just resembling an episode. Matt as well as Trey absolutely toenailed the manuscript for this video game, as well as it practically feels like it can have been a whole period of great to wonderful episodes itself. Checking out the community of South Park and ultimately seeing it totally mapped out was interesting as a South Park follower. Seeing the recommendations to previous shows, whether it’& rsquo; s a picture, a prop, or something like Tom Cruise being in Stan’& rsquo; s closest always brought a smile and also made you wish to seek a lot more.

One referral that I enjoyed possibly more than a lot of can be found in the play area. I had been with this area, where Ike is playing pirates, numerous times and never thought anything regarding it. Well when I went strolling with the location, simply to reach an additional place so not for anything particularly, with Cartman as my buddy I had discussion that I hadn’& rsquo; t listened to in the past. It was Cartman mentioning that his pirating days were fortunately behind him, a recall to the episode where he and others (consisting of Ike) went to Somali to come to be pirates. It’& rsquo; s something so easy than can conveniently be missed if you put on’& rsquo; t have Cartman with you when you experience there; it made me intend to think back to various other classic episodes as well as attempt and also find if something similar would certainly take place if I had a certain pal with me in a certain location.

In true South Park style, the game is a huge satire of something, as well as in this case it’& rsquo; s a satire of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The music sometimes is comparable, your personality is the Dragonborn whose name ends up really being Dovahkiin, and your wonderful abilities are called “& ldquo; dragon shouts & rdquo;(farts). In this regard, it’& rsquo; s a little amusing that the program usually gets its referrals to various other residential properties in a reasonably prompt fashion as well as the usually postponed video game’& rsquo; s huge satire is more than a bit dated thinking about Skyrim launched in 2011.

I can honestly say that I wasn’& rsquo; t truly anticipating The Stick of Fact despite being a fan of the show. I didn’& rsquo; t have confidence that it would exercise as well as figured it would certainly wind up being squandered possibility like virtually every other South Park video game before it. I ended up buying it on release day however, electronically through the PlayStation Store and finished it the following day. I’& rsquo; ve considering that invested even more time checking out the globe, searching the collectibles, doing the side missions, as well as beginning a brand-new game.

I’& rsquo; ve enjoyed it so much that I’& rsquo; m in the procedure of dealing with obtaining the Platinum prize (which, like the game itself, won’& rsquo; t be hard in any way). It & rsquo; s hard to guess what the rest of the year will hold, yet I do feel confident in wagering an assumption that come completion of the year The Stick of Fact still be high on my list for Game of the Year. It’& rsquo; s the kind of video game I delight in the most; the video game that I’& rsquo; m not truly incredibly curious about or looking forward to that I ultimately wind up absolutely loving. I enjoy it when a game shatters my expectations as well as winds up far better than I would certainly have ever presumed it would be, as well as The Stick of Fact absolutely did that.

South Park: The Stick of Reality is so far the early treasure of 2014. If you’& rsquo; re remotely a fan of the program or assume you could get into it, after that you absolutely owe it to on your own to pick this game up ASAP if you have not currently done so. It’& rsquo; s a strong RPG and also perhaps among the craziest video games ever before made.

South Park: The Stick of Fact obtains a four out of five: EXCELLENT.

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