The Witch and the Hundred Knight Review

This probably isn’& rsquo; t the very best method to start a review, however oh well & rsquo; & ldquo; The Witch as well as The Hundred & rdquo; is quickly the most discouraging game that I’& rsquo; ve played in quite time. I wear & rsquo; t indicate it & rsquo; s discouraging in regards to trouble or controls, I indicate it’& rsquo; s discouraging due to the fact that it could have been a lot far better as well as whenever I played it I obtained the sensation that so much capacity was being thrown away.

The Witch and The Hundred Knight is an action-RPG developed by Nippon Ichi Software Application, the very same developers as the prominent Disgaea collection. Like the Disgaea video games, you’& rsquo; re generally playing an & ldquo; evil & rdquo; character. In this case, you & rsquo; re a little creature that is a legendary satanic force called “& ldquo; Hundred Knight. & rdquo; You & rsquo; re summoned, as generally a slave, to do all the grunt work of the evil Swamp Witch known as Metallia. The game preserves several of the humor of the Disgaea series to counter the evilness, yet I discovered Metallia to be a butt at the beginning of the video game to the factor where the later humor wasn’& rsquo; t sufficient to restore her. I basically wound up missing over all the discussion after the very first couple of chapters even if I didn’& rsquo; t care any longer.

On that note, if you appreciate a video games tale however hate to review, then keep away from this video game. There is some voice work done, and done quite well at that, but a huge portion of the game’& rsquo; s tale is informed via text that you’& rsquo; ll need to review if you wish to comply with the story.’I didn & rsquo; t appreciate the story, so I avoided it, yet that entailed spamming X or O of what looked like three minutes at least sometimes. There’& rsquo; s just so much discussion; a lot of the time I was similar to “& ldquo; oh come on, I simply want to PLAY the game.”

& rdquo; The Witch and also The Hundred Knight has a fascinating combat system. Unlike the Disgaea collection, this game features real time fight which mainly totals up to smashing square repetitively and also periodically triangle. It’& rsquo; s not challenging and it’& rsquo; s not hard. The intriguing facet of it is that you can furnish five weapons at a time and use them one after the other in combat. There’& rsquo; s swords, axes, spears, and so forth. Weapons have different properties, some may have magic connected t them, as well as are various levels as well as rarity. There is a sense of strategy involved in that while button mashing square to strike you’& rsquo; re mosting likely to need to be focusing. Some weapons won’& rsquo; t have any type of influence on specific adversaries, so there are times where you’& rsquo; ll need to adjust the order or sorts of tools you have actually equipped.

What makes the game discouraging is a mix of aspects that integrate to draw out a lot of the fun that can be had (normally in short bursts). It’& rsquo; s a rather awful video game most of time; one degree particularly is within a castle and also looks specifically horrible. To make issues worse, you’& rsquo; re playing a tiny personality with a negative half-way top down electronic camera, and you have a circular stamina around your personality & hellip; this all results in it typically being hard to see your character as well as enemies. It possibly won’& rsquo; t cause a fatality, but it is highly irritating.

Speaking of the castle level, it shows inadequate design which rollovers to various other areas. It becomes a maze/puzzle, which usually might be appropriate except right here you have a kind of time frame in the form of GigaCals. The wonderful satanic force Hundred Knight can only be away from Metallia for as long prior to his GigaCals go out. Currently I never ever had that happen, as I’& rsquo;d bring back some at columns or via remedies, so I wear’& rsquo; t recognize just what occurs when you go out. I presume you begin the degree over or at the last pillar you opened. However the castle layout had me running about for method as well long, fighting the same re-spawning enemies repeatedly as I tried to determine where to go.

One cave based degree did a comparable point. I made my way to the end of it, after the entryway had actually collapsed, and afterwards didn’& rsquo; t know where to go. There was a huge rock that’couldn & rsquo; t be ruined (similar ones might with a bomb). There was an exit, and also I went out it. I took 4 actions and the game turned me around and walked my personality back right into the cave. I thought that was unusual since I was intend to be trying to find a way out. So I ran around the cave again, combating the very same enemies, and also trying to ruin the rock some even more. Nothing. Lastly, I returned out that very same leave as well as surprise, the game actually allow me proceed mosting likely to leave the level. Now what sort of affordable layout is that?

Likewise note that within probably 10 hours of play, I experienced an issue 4 times where I was playing the video game and then tossed back to the PS3 menu because the game simply quick. Currently my PS3 has been a little wonky since late when playing disc based video games (as well as I have the electronic version of this game), yet I understand it isn’& rsquo; t my system that create this due to the fact that a fast Google search disclosed multiple individuals who have actually had this happen to them. There’& rsquo; s likewise some frame-rate decreases as well as some visible slow every so often.

If you take The Witch and also The Hundred Knight as a hack and reduce action game after that there’& rsquo; s quite a bit of fun that can be had(you possibly won’& rsquo; t wish to play for hours each time though). The RPG technicians involving different character classes (that you can switch over between), the GigaCal system, as well as the overall look and feel of the game aid evaluate it down significantly. There’& rsquo; s great ideas all around, however regrettably the game never rises over average condition. It’& rsquo; s forgettable and also possibly not something most players will certainly care to see through to the end, which’& rsquo; s too bad because there was potential right here.

If you ever encounter The Witch and also the Hundred Knight in a bargain container someplace for $5-$10 after that you possibly you must think about getting it. Or else, it’& rsquo; s most likely best to neglect the game since the brief ruptured of fun isn’& rsquo; t almost sufficient to get over the frustrations, bad style, or the tons of discussion that avoid you from playing the game for big pieces of time.

The Witch as well as the Hundred Knight gets a two out of five: FORGETTABLE.

* A copy of this video game was given by the author for testimonial.


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