The Boy Next Door Review

If you are a guy, one of the compromises for remaining in a connection with participants of the contrary sex is that periodically you have to view trash like this. Most of the moment it’& rsquo; s not that big of a bargain. If all chick flicks were as horrendous as “& ldquo; The Kid Next Door & rdquo; it would certainly make it a much different matter.

Jennifer Lopez plays a boring estranged housewife with an unfaithful hubby, who unreasonably makes a decision to screw the eye-catching psycho teen next door. Said psycho teen spends the remainder of the film taking part in dumb horror movie clichés to, I think, win him back.

Whatever in this film is telegramed from a mile away, and also what little suspense there is highly adjusted. This is a flick that would really feel right in your home on the Life time network, which if she maintains cranking out films of this caliber, might be the next stop in Lopez’& rsquo; s

job. There is a scene early on in this film that is so stupid it virtually is worthy of an award. Before all the sex and craziness start, Lopez’& rsquo; s teen crush presents her with a book, a Victorian natural leather bound duplicate of The Iliad. Lopez’& rsquo; s character, allegedly an English Literary works educator, says loudly “& ldquo; An initial edition”! & rdquo;

& hellip; Yes individuals, an amazing natural leather bound first version of a work that was written more than a thousand years prior to the innovation of the printing machine. Now the focus of the movie ought to change from the inane spat up stalker plot to disclosing how this moment traveling secret man gotten this astonishing artifact.

My better half owes me one for this.

The Young boy Next Door obtains a zero out of five: DREADFUL.

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