Death Proof Review

Death Proof Review

Kurt Russell plays a dark brooding, but still stylish creepy stalker type in “Death Proof.” His character, Stunt Man Mike, is a guy who trolls around looking for young ladies to turn into his next victim.

Equipped with an Elvis comb-over and a custom made stunt car that can survive even the worst wrecks unscathed.

I first saw this movie as part of the package deal that was known as Grindhouse, which also featured the great Planet Terror.

The pacing of this movie is probably the weakest part of it, with the majority of it taking place inside a bar in which a large ensemble group of female characters exchange banter that weaves in out of creative and funny and just gnawing and grating. Then midway through the movie something happens, and we are transported to what is almost a sequel contained within the same movie.

This is a movie that contains some great scenes and has some really memorable moments, but they never quite come together to make anything resembling a narrative.

Still, there’s a lot to be enjoyed here including saucy performances from Sydney Tamiia Poitier’s character “Jungle Julia”, Rosario Dawson looking fine as ever, and Zoë Bell’s stunt woman character who shows up in the final arch to duke it out with Russell.

This movie shows Tarintino in full candy store mode. He gets to geek out over cool cars, old movies, and cast a ton of attractive ladies that he got work with. I wonder how many takes that infamous Lap Dance scene with Vanessa Ferlito took for instance.

Death Proof gets a three out of five: SATISFYING.


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