Death Wish 3 Review

Death Wish 3 is as perfect a bad movie as I can imagine. It is completely over the top and makes absolutely no pretenses as to what it is about.

Paul Kersey is far removed from the meek and mild architect from the first movie and has now become a professional “neighborhood population control expert”. Armed with a hand cannon (.475 Wildey Magnum for those interested) that makes Dirty Harry’s 44 Magnum look like a pop gun.

The basic story here is that a New York City has been overrun with crime once again, and innocent old citizens can no longer walk the streets safely anymore. That all changes when Charles motherfreakin Bronson walks back into town and commences cleaning things up.

Take for instance a scene in which Bronson shoots a camera thief in the back to the cheers of nearby children and other civilians.

The grand finale here is delightfully wacky as Kersey and the cop who has been chasing him these first three movies team up for an old west style street to street showdown with virtually every hood in the city, and of course, blow them all away.

This movie throws realism out the window and has a very unique and identifiable comic book like style to its cinematography and photography.

Those with a keen eye will note future Bill and Ted star Alex Winter in a supporting role as a goon. Unlike Jeff Goldbloom, and Laurence Fishburne, who played goons in parts one and two, his career would not go on to amount to much after Bill and Ted, but I’ll always remember him for that, and also for this maniacal romp.

Death Wish 3 gets a three out of five: GOOD.

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