Revenge 1990 Review

I was up late the other night and caught this movie on TV and was surprised I had not heard of it before. Then while watching it, it occurred to me just how easy a movie this would have been to forget.

1990 was a very important year in Kevin Costner’s career for reasons that have nothing to do with this film. This was the year, as you will recall, that he released Dances with Wolves. This movie is certainly not on that level.

For starters, it looks like they took the working or filming title of the movie “Revenge” and just forgot to switch it back to whatever the real, hopefully slightly more creative title might have been.

Costner here plays a jet pilot that we never actually see in a jet, who goes down to Mexico to visit his rich Mexican gangster friend played by the great Anthony Quinn. The much younger Costner then moves in on said gangster friend’s hot younger wife, and has your stereotypical late 80s early 90s sex scenes complete with food related frolicking near the refrigerator.

Of course Quinn’s gangster character isn’t going to put up with this and so he brings down the hammer, which sets up the rest of the movie.

I found this movie to be plenty boring, but it had interesting performances here and there.

Costner and Quinn are both solid. James Gammon (the manager of the Cleveland Indians from Major League) has a nice little part here as a Texas straggler in Mexico who befriends the hero here on his quest for revenge. Miguel Ferrer, who I know mainly as Bob Morton, the guy who designed the original Robocop, in Robocop.

All in all a very dull movie with every tired cliché in the book, but full of actors that make you go “Hey look, it’s THAT guy!”…

Revenge gets a two out of five: FORGETTABLE.

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