Gone Girl Review

This is the kind of mystery movie I didn’t think they made anymore, but I’m damn glad to see they still do.

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike play Nick and Amy, a couple that fell in love young and wound up moving to rural Missouri and turn into your average miserable couple with a bored wife and a dunce husband.

The movie begins on their anniversary and we see Nick and another young lady trash talking his nagging bride, at the bar that her parents bought him. When Nick drops by home to bring her his anniversary present, he finds the living trashed and his wife missing.

At this point it becomes very difficult to review this movie without getting very spoilery, so I will stop talking about the plot and restrict myself to performances.

Affleck here is as good as he’s ever been as he deals with the suspicion of the public and the police, holding press conferences and attending rallies in honor of his missing wife. Pike here is absolutely mesmerizing in a role that lets dig deep into the depths of desperation, narcissism, and mania.

Another cat in this movie who I was surprised to see how much I actually enjoyed was Tyler Perry who plays Nick’s lawyer and who is one of those talking head type sleazeballs you see on Nancy Grace and shows like that. His character and other parts of this movie operate as a very biting but sadly accurate commentary on the shallow and easily manipulated world of modern 24/7 news media.

This movie contains some very well done twists and turns, which unlike the recently reviewed Reindeer Games (also starring Ben Affleck) they all are explained in a way to at least make enough sense while you’re watching to not set off any BS meter and maintain the suspense throughout.

Gone Girl was filmed just an hour or so away from where yours truly lives, and I for one, am glad to now be able to claim at least one piece of future classic cinema as sort of being my own.

Gone Girl gets a four out of five: GREAT.

William McPherson

Professional freelance writer, who also writes blogs, reviews, and assorted nonsense at Vortainment.com

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