Quantum of Solace Review

James Bond is on a mission for revenge versus the bad doers that blackmailed his former flame—– Vesper Lynd, from Online Casino Royale, a search which leads him to the exploration of one Dominic Greene, a guy with a private army efficient in being almost anywhere it appears, however that is bent on managing the water sources of Bolivia because, hello, that was a fashionable newspaper article once.

Quantum of Solace might be an alright, even excellent action movie, but it is much from a good James Bond movie. Daniel Craig does his ideal, and brings all the charisma and presence that he brought to Gambling enterprise Royale, however it’& rsquo; s just not enough.

The problem below is that Q.O.S only obtained half of the formula right from Gambling enterprise Royale.

A fantastic Bond image needs both pulse battering activity (check) and also most importantly, a specific kind of suave sensibility and also total style which this motion picture lacks.

Roger Ebert maybe stated it best here “& ldquo; Please understand: James Bond is not an activity hero! He is as well great for that. He is a perspective. Violence for him is an aggravation. He exists for the sexual activity as well as the cigarette.”

& rdquo; Another issue here is the risks seem as well reduced, as well as excessively political. Bond bad guys exist to appear like fools as well as to attempt to either attempt to take over and/or destroy the world. They do not care about cornering the mineral water market in Bolivia. This is the type of political activity that Bond need to avoid and also permit the Sean Penn’& rsquo; s and Matt Damon & rsquo; s of the world concern themselves with. It & rsquo; s beneath him.

That said, this flick obtains rough on a lot, and also deservedly so, but there still is a few elements to be admired below.

The Bond girl in this flick who gets covered in oil was a wonderful (if once again, excessively political) homage to Goldfinger, and the end of this motion picture, taken by itself, is a truly good adhere to up to Gambling establishment Royale.

I additionally liked just how this motion picture basically begins quickly in the results of Casino Royale, so you have possibly for the very first time 2 Bond films that acknowledge each various other’& rsquo; s presence as opposed to just acting as two islands unto themselves.

Still however, this film could have utilized perhaps a little bit of something to allow to stand up on its own. As said, a completely great action film, a poor Bond film, in my evaluation.

Quantum of Solace gets a two out of 5: FORGETTABLE.

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