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What an unusual and wonderful flick! And additionally, a film that is sadly fairly ignored in the occupations of both lead stars.

Jack Lucas (Jeff Bridges), is a self-centered, Manhattan shock jock in the capillary of Howard Stern mixed in with a little bit of Rush Limbaugh. At the very least that’& rsquo; s the identity he puts on when on the air; in the house in his luxurious high apartment or condo, he’& rsquo; s just a routine person.

All that transforms one night when an off handed aloof comment sets off an unsteady customer to dedicate a mass murder self-destruction. After this, Lucas, out of a task, and also get over with sense of guilt, comes to be self-destructive and also hopeless.

Three long years later, Jack does indeed attempt that self-destruction, however prior to he can finish the work, he is mistaken for a homeless guy and also battered by a pack of muggers. The man that conserves his life, as the mechanisms of story would certainly have it, is a male named Parry (Robin Williams), a widower that shed his partner in the aforementioned strike who has currently regretfully end up being a delusional homeless man persuaded he gets on a goal to locate the real Holy Grail.

When Jack pieces all of this together, he decides to help Parry, who is frequently tortured by visions of a Red Knight, discover the fabulous chalice in New york city City. Bridges and also Williams are 2 of the finest actors of their generation, and also the chemistry is off the charts below.

Williams, that we all know fought clinical depression in the real world, brings warmth and also spirit to what in the hands of an additional star can have been hopelessly cheesy and also cliché tripe. Bridges right here reveals a variety of feelings, and also is a terrific straight man to Williams, slowly coming out of his personality’& rsquo; s cold and also remote personality to make a genuinely human connection.

This is a motion picture regarding concern and compassion; global topic that is additional raised by incredible performances, a really eccentric story, as well as strong instructions. Additionally a trivia keep in mind—– Jeff Bridges can be seen here in the same Japanese baseball tee he would later on use in The Big Lebowski.

The Fisher King gets a 4 out of 5: WONDERFUL.

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