ARK: Extinction Now Live on PC, Free Week of Survival Evolved

Termination, the latest growth for ARK: Survival Evolved, is now reside on PC. The growth will certainly launch on Tuesday, November 13th, on PS4 and Xbox One.

ARK: Survival Evolved is currently free-to-play for a lot of today. From now with November 11th, you can download and install and also play the base game for totally free to attempt it out. If you like it, the video game is presently on sale to acquire with November 13th for $20 on Steam.

Right here’& rsquo; s the launch trailer for Extinction:

< Programmer Workshop Wildcard had this to state about the computer launch on Steam:

On launch you’& rsquo; ll have the ability to transfer your existing character from your current web server into Extinction. You will certainly not be able to move items or tames. You can however transfer characters, items, and also subjugates out of Extinction onto other maps. If you were around for the launch of Scorched Planet or Aberration this is the exact same procedure those servers undertook.

There are no disabled engrams in Termination like there went to Aberration’& rsquo; s launch, indicating things such as Tek Teleporters are enabled. Creatures like flyers are additionally enabled on Termination.

We will be introducing North American and also European Termination web servers first. We will be launching a first beginning batch of web servers, and also bringing even more web servers online as required so please hold your horses for us during this period. The web servers will certainly be the conventional 70-player cap. Termination will be consisted of in all CrossARK collections (except ‘& lsquo; TheHundred & rsquo;-RRB-, in addition to Occupation and also Small People web servers. Termination will not be supported in Primitive Plus on launch, yet it is something we will think about looking into at a later date. Termination will certainly additionally not have NoTek/NTek-NoTaming, Primitive, or TheHundred web servers for those presently playing on those subsets of gamemodes. The heritage network will get a couple of web servers, however they will certainly remain in tiny supply.

Below is some screenshots from Termination, along with some stuff from the growth news message on the ARK online forums and a news release:

Complete your journey with the globes of ARK in ‘& lsquo; Termination & rsquo;, where the tale started and finishes: in the world itself! An Element-infested, damaged planet loaded with sensational animals both natural & & technological, Planet holds both the tricks of the past and also the tricks to its salvation. As an expert Survivor that has conquered all previous barriers, your supreme difficulty awaits: can you defeat the big roaming Titans which dominate the earth, and finish the ARK cycle to conserve Earth’& rsquo; s

future? ARK: Extinction is an entirely new map that promises to supply the long-awaited orgasm to the ARK story, going back to where the story started and also currently ends: in the world itself! See the spoiled globe that’& rsquo; s widespread with Element-corrupted animals, comb the land for Orbital Supply Decline, tame exotic animals, as well as build a Mek effective sufficient to defeat the gigantic, tameable Titans dominating the landscape.


Extinction brings survivors back to where the strange journey all began; Planet. What was once a lush as well as successful house globe is currently a corrupt, hostile and also desolate shell of its previous self. Venture right into the varied landscape where damages of a previous civilization expose clues to Earth’& rsquo; s demise together with the secrets to reviving its future. At the heart of this bleak and also foreboding surface is a thick, deserted technical metropolis that climbs amidst the waste. Discover and also check out lengthy abandoned micro-biospheres which served as the early prototypes for the ARKs of today.


Capture, tame and craft powerful and also uncommon natural and also mechanical animal kinds different from anything formerly seen in the ARK world. Increase situational understanding by flying and also controlling robotic surveillance drones. Harvest valuable resources by taming as well as feeding natural transmutation makers. Reach brand-new heights as well as remote locations by climbing and teleporting with the supreme security robot. Ensure your survival by structure as well as piloting your own personalized fight Mek to victory!


Guarantee mastery on this abandoned world with several brand-new as well as exotic craftable products. Maintain your tames where you want them with an animal leash, usage taxidermy tools to enhance your home decor with trophy installs from your most unforgettable kills, period and also traverse formerly uncrossable voids with a Tek bridge, store and also preserve your preferred pleasant creature in a mobile cryopod for reuse later on, make use of Tek gravity explosives to attract or repel foes to your advantage, and also autonomously airlift loot back to your base with an airborne shipment dog crate!


As Element runs widespread throughout Planet, corrupting and altering all that it touches, Survivors need to be prepared for the distinct difficulties fueled from these disastrous occasions. Participate in epic battles of titanic proportions when experiencing the gigantic Titans that rule this aggressive world as the ultimate pinnacle killer. Scour the marshes for orbital supply declines and also secure the valuable freight they have while repeling an assault of Element-corrupted monstrosities barely resembling their former selves. Make it through and sanctuary from environmental abnormalities such as Element eruptions, eclipses as well as meteor showers.

Go back to Earth as well as finish your occupation of the ARK cosmos, gain sought after solution to progress the storyline, uncover the fate of the initial explorers, identify the true function of the ARK network, and also unwind the continuing to be mysteries of the Homo Deus!

ARK: Termination FeaturesNew mutations of numerous animals should be tamed by the gamers as they battle to survive in the new ARK video game area.

  • The Ultimate Obstacle: Titans should be subjugated by the gamers as well as gigantic employer monsters should be killed. Only those who placed everything on one card will finish the ARC cycle and conserve the future of the earth!
  • New Creatures: Gasbags , gas-filled creatures serve as a method of transportation for the players, and also Snow Owls transform any kind of danger into ice sculptures. Even more hazardous, nonetheless, is the Velonasaur, which terminates a barrage of prickly projectiles, yet in the damages of the planet are waiting many more new –– fatal animals.
  • New Toys: Gamers can use Cryopods to drop their creatures in their inventory as well as bring them back at any time to stun negligent challengers. Massive chasms can be gone across with the Tek bridge as well as thanks to balloons objects can currently be sent directly to the home.
  • Orbital Drops: Orbital dropping supply boxes of new equipment and sources that are not just conquered by damaged animals however by various other players too.
  • New game area: in the damages of an abandoned metropolis, numerous adventures wait for take on players –– yet they are not alone in the previous bastion of humanity.
  • Proto-ARKs: Very early simulations of the 3 predominant environments –– Crater Forest, Desert and also Tundra –– await players.
  • Advanced Meks: brand-new Meks with personalized weapons are utilized versus the toughest employers to unlock the ultimate key of the ARK.


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