Ubisoft Hights Some Changes Coming To Division 2 This Friday

Ubisoft took to Shiver for a State of the Game to highlight some changes that will be involving The Department 2 this Friday as component of the Tidal Container update that will certainly see the Intrusion: Fight For DC occasion first together with the opening of the Tidal Container garrison.

You can view the video below, and/or look into the recap courtesy of The Department Reddit:


Intrusion: Battle for D.C. Upkeep The Intrusion: Battle for D.C. –– Update will certainly drop on Friday during the normal maintenance from 9:30 am CET –– 12:30 CET that will last for about 3 hrs.

First Garments Event

  • With the “& ldquo; Intrusion: Battle for D.C. & rdquo; we will additionally obtain the very first Apparel Event
  • The Unique Event will last for four weeks (April 5th –– May second) where gamers can get Unique Event Caches.
  • The Special Event Caches have great brand-new attires as well as various other points like emotes.
  • You can additionally obtain Masks from these caches.
  • Everyone will obtain one Unique Occasion Cache free of charge in the very first week –– if you visit before Thursday.
  • Year 1 Pass proprietors obtain 3 additional cost-free caches when they visit throughout the event.
  • There will certainly be means to acquire more complimentary caches –– like certain jobs that you can finish.
  • Unique Occasion Caches wear’& rsquo; t have any type of duplicates.

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Tool Skins = >

Masks Declared Pest Deals With

  • When your Crafting Terminal is stuck on a lower Globe Tier, that will certainly be taken care of with this update.
  • You will certainly obtain a sensitivity slider for when you zoom in.
  • Field of vision slider will certainly additionally be added with this upgrade.
  • There will certainly be a lot more bug fixes that will be listed in the Spot Notes

Balancing Changes

  • With “& ldquo; Intrusion: Battle for D.C.” & rdquo; we will likewise have the very first harmonizing pass Keep in mind, it is extremely early in the lifecycle so this is a first step in stabilizing to resolve some peaks.
  • There is also a lot of speak about PVP –– this upgrade will not concentrate specifically on PVP equilibrium, this is something for a later date –– yet several of the little adjustments will, certainly, impact PVP.
  • The Sniper M700 and also the Rifle MK17 will certainly obtain a damages decrease.
  • Crit Damage and also Headshot Damage will be lowered across all existing equipment, so if you have devices with these stats on it, they will certainly be various when you visit on Friday.
  • “& ldquo; Safeguard Ability” & rdquo;(extra healing) will obtain an interior cooldown to ensure that it can’& rsquo; t be up at all times
  • Demolitionist Talent “& ldquo; Situation Action & rdquo;(when shield breaks you restore your ammo) will certainly additionally obtain an internal cooldown.

Abilities Changes

Sniper Turret

  • Sniper Turret has been remodelled
  • You will certainly have a button above an enemy and the Turret will after that fire that NPC and it will immediately track it.
  • When you target at the exact same NPC you can additionally particularly regulate where the shot will go (headshot or weakpoint etc)
  • That should make the Sniper Turret extra easily accessible.

Chem Launcher

  • The handling of the Chem Launcher has been a little bit unpleasant.
  • Now when you trigger the Chem Launcher, it will certainly activate and also you can use it like a weapon till you put it away.
  • That need to likewise offer you extra control regarding the ability


  • Intending device has been remodelled, so you can note targets faster

Ability Mods

  • The Skill Mods have been spruced up
  • The Bonuses you obtain from the Ability Mods correlate currently with the amount of Skill Power required to unlock them.
  • They are currently within the bounds of the Ability Power that you can hop on your gear as well as they likewise changed the quantity of Skill Power that you jump on your gear.
  • So even when you have less Ability Power on your equipment when you visit on Friday, put on’& rsquo; t panic, you may have the ability to unlock a lot of mods that you can before.
  • With these modifications ability develops ought to end up being a whole lot more feasible.

Weapon Mods transforms

  • Already, the Weapon Mods always had a positive or negative element on them.
  • However that meant, what was developed as a reward for objectives as well as activities could additionally have a very negative effect on your develop
  • That is why all the Weapon Mods have been rewamped:
  • All tool mods got brand-new values, brand-new positives, much more in line what they would certainly perform in reality
  • They additionally have reduced worths –– since they put on’& rsquo; t have their disadvantages any longer.
  • The only time there are negatives now on the Weapon Mods is when there are multiple mods –– like publications –– among them will certainly have higher favorable values, but additionally some adverse values.
  • For each port, there is a mod for every single type of stat that has no adverse worths.
  • Now you can select the mods you want to make use of and that ought to likewise be extra fun.

Other Adjustments

  • Sharpshooter Signature Weapon has a much faster lock –– on, so if you had the sensation that you often missed the fired with the trademark tool, this should be resolved.
  • LVOA-C, the Lightweight M4, the Shotgun AA12, LMG MG5 got an aficionado

Patch Notes

  • They will be comprehensive, currently we have no specific day when they drop.

Known Issues

You can take a look at the Understood Problems below: Connect


You can take a look at the Year 1 Roadmap here: Connect

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