Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes

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Ubisoft has released Update 1.2.0 to Assassin’& rsquo; s Creed Odyssey across all systems. Right here are the full Spot Notes:

Spot Sizes:

Xbox One: 4.1 GB PS4: 4.4 GB PC: 3.9 GB

Take a look at the most significant adjustments with 1.2.0 listed below.


Episode 1 –– Fields of Elysium –– The Fate of Atlantis

  • Added in-game assistance for Area of Elysium.

Keep in mind: The very first episode of The Destiny of Atlantis will certainly be released on April 23. Lost Tales of Greece

  • Included in-game support for upcoming Lost Stories of Greece.


Greece are currently highlighted in the Missions log. New! Included Customized Gear Loadouts

function. Balancing The Famous sword, Prometheus & rsquo; Sika,

  • currently has a warrior engraving as meant. Attended to an issue that avoided Main characteristics from updating. Gamers will currently take damages when the oxygen bar is diminished. Various Players can now transform the resolution modifier by increments of 10

    %. The recently added Viewpoints with TU1.1.4 will certainly currently be immediately finished when the area was found currently. [COMPUTER] Added assistance for MSI Mystic Light. PEST TAKES CARE OF DLC– Tradition of the First Blade Dealt with an aesthetic problem with the benefit for robbery the 3 letters in The Last Magi. Dealt with a concern in Smoke and

    Fierceness where

    a Persian NPC wouldn & rsquo; t participate in

  • fight. Lost Stories of Greece Resolved a problem in Children of Lalaia where Thyia can occasionally be
  • MIA in the cinematic when communicating with the Magistrate in Phokis. Untracked Lost Tales of Greece pursuits will currently

show up blue rather than

  • white. New Game+Dealt with a problem in New Video game +where players in some cases could become stuck in the Forge.
  • Outstanding Orichalcum nodes are currently existing in the world in New Video game+.


  • a concern where gamers can lose their products in New Video game+upon robbery the
  • same thing with a higher level. Fabulous Upgrade in New Game+will no
  • longer make the product greater level than the player. Resolved an issue where A Good friend Worth Perishing For couldn & rsquo; t be started
  • in New Game +. Key Video game Pursuit Addressed an issue that protected against Myrrine from reaching her location. Addressed various quest development concerns upon murder as well as verifying the kill of numerous NPCs.


a concern where snakes wouldn & rsquo; t be inside the bathhouse in Enough Is Enough.

  • Sufficient Hiss Enough. Attended to a concern in Carrying on where the mission would certainly be completed
  • when the requirements weren & rsquo; t met. Dealt with a concern where gamers couldn & rsquo; t upgrade their spear
  • at the build. Attended to a concern in Paint It Red where the pursuit markers would certainly sometimes vanish prior to reaching the destination. Resolved a problem where The City That Sobbed Wolf couldn & rsquo; t be completed as the
  • wolves wouldn & rsquo; t generate. Where-wolf? Attended to a problem in Bare Everything where gamers couldn & rsquo; t loot the Amulet.
  • Addressed a concern where players were missing out on the sub-quest Talk No Evil. Dealt with a problem in The Medical professional’Will See You Currently where players
  • couldn & rsquo; t process with the mission after’getting the forceps
  • . Resolved an issue where Nikolaos will have a different hairstyle after the conquest battle in The Last Battle of Aristaeus. Dealt with a problem where players were missing all main tale quests after a crammed video game save.
  • Addressed an issue in Toss the Dice where the quest things could occasionally be missing at the desired places.
  • Addressed a problem where gamers couldn & rsquo; t communicate with the Sphinx or complete the mission Tradition of the Sphinx. Attended to several concerns where NPCs could occasionally die after a cut scene. A bit as well remarkable don & rsquo; t you assume? Resolved an issue where the Eagle’Bearer in Would the Actual Eagle Bearer Please Stand can be eliminated by the
  • player before speaking to him. Say that again but slowly? Dealt with a problem in Ashes to Ashes that protected against gamers from finishing
  • the pursuit. Herodotos will no more slide right after the discussion is ended up in Regrets. Character and also AI Dealt with numerous habits problems with Lieutenants once they have been assigned to the Adrestia. Adrestia as well as Naval Addressed a problem where adversary ships could go beyond Degree 99.
  • Addressed a concern that created Athena/Octopus & rsquo; bows to be missing.
  • Video, Animations

    • , and also Audio Resolved some graphical concerns that took place in numerous regions. Addressed numerous lighting concerns. Addressed

    various gear structure

    • issues. Improved a computer animation when triggering Rapid Fire while crouched. Dealt with an animation concern with the Fierceness of the Bloodline capacity when struck by an additional NPC. [COMPUTER] Dealt with a concern where the game looked rinsed with FreeSync 2 enabled on HDR screens. Capabilities, Perks, and Engravings Increased the invulnerability home window at the end of Fury of the Bloodline. Resolved a concern where players couldn & rsquo; t use battle and melee special capabilities under certain situations. Elemental resistance currently works as planned and provides benefits to the player
    • based upon the complete worth. Hephaistos & rsquo; Workshop Rate S2 20 %discount is currently used properly. Dealt with a problem that triggered the Crit

    Possibility at full health and wellness perk to not function as meant

  • with overpower assaults. User Interface, Food Selection, and Subtitles Resolved various localization concerns. Attended to numerous UI/HUD display screen problems. Addressed different lip sync concerns. Resolved a concern with the Transmog System where the hidden thing port wasn & rsquo; t functioning as planned under certain circumstances. Dealt with an issue with the Sceptre of
  • Samothrace’ where its visual wouldn & rsquo; t be offered as a Transmog
  • alternative. Dealt with a problem where Aya & rsquo; s lieutenant would certainly be missing out on a famous perk after Title Update 1.1.4
  • . Dealt with a concern that could trigger a dual fade when accessing the Engraving area of a blacksmith. Resolved a concern where fast traveling was grayed out

  • . Attended to a concern that triggered the Level 99 pop-up to show a wrong message. Addressed an issue where the Olouros Fortress location is not marked as finished. Attended to a concern where
  • Tomb locations wouldn & rsquo; t be marked as completed upon triggering the Stele. The Fish pond of Tainaros is currently noted as a Historic Point
  • of Passion. Resolved a concern where extra capacity points could be missing after Title Update 1.1.4.
  • Dealt with a problem that could occur when scrolling swiftly in between Mercenary tiers.
  • [ PS4] Resolved a problem where PlayStation & reg; Vita system controls overlap with the capacity food selection. [PC]
  • Dealt with a problem where the Miss switch during cut scenes has Controller responses while
  • using M&K. [COMPUTER] Addressed a problem with the Standard device where the Flexible Quality option didn
  • & rsquo; t feature. [COMPUTER] Dealt with a concern with the HDR alternative
  • that would be displayed as off while activating after transforming graphics settings.
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