Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence Has Begun

Destiny 2 Season of Opulence

ANNOUNCEMENT:’s official Destiny Clan, VALGUARD, is currently recruiting.

For a limited time, membership is OPEN.

Visit our clan page on to join the VALGUARD if you play on PS4 and want to join a clan for the new Season of Opulence!

Guardians, you have been summoned by the Emperor and the treasure hunt has begun.

The last season of the current Annual Pass has arrived. Penumbra is here for Annual Pass holders, and with it comes the Season of Opulence.

Season of Opulence/Penumbra comes as part of Update, and you can read the full patch notes here.

This new season is delivering new challenges, loot, and lore. Seasonal ranks have been reset and there’s three new Pinnacle weapons to grind for.

Benedict-44 is waiting for you in the Tower. He’s got your imperial summons and will be sending you on the treasure hunt.

Power has increased for all owners of Forsaken. Climb your way to 750 Power. This season will see a new exotic quest for Forsaken owners, the Solstice of Heroes event for all, new triumphs and lore, new vanity rewards, and Iron Banner updated with a new seasonal Quest to unlock the new armor.

Penumbra is bringing two exotic quests for annual pass holders, The Menagerie (the new 6 player match made PvE activity), the new Crown of Sorrows raid, the Penumbral Chalice, and additional triumphs and lore books. Of course The Menagerie has its own pool of weapons and gear to chase what you want.

Here’s the calendar for the first two months of the Season of Opulence/Penumbra:

Season of Opulence Calendar

Get out there Guardians and begin your Season of Opulence. The new raid goes live TODAY at 6pm CT.

And check back frequently, as we’ll have lots more on Season of Opulence throughout the season and will have a full guide for the different Chalice rune combinations as the community works together to figure everything out.

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