AEW Signs Tully Blanchard

All Elite Fumbling provided a press release today touting the signing of Tully Blanchard for to a multi-show contract.

Tully will be working on-air as an adviser to Shawn Spears.

During last night’& rsquo; s “episode of AEW & rsquo; s & ldquo; The Roadway to All Out, & rdquo; Shawn Spears introduced the ace up his sleeve in the type of epic fumbling bad guy Tully Blanchard. Effective quickly, Blanchard has actually become part of a multi-show arrangement with Spears as well as AEW.

Blanchard, a second generation star that is widely thought about one of one of the most well-known and treacherous wrestlers of all time, belonged to the globe renowned Four Horsemen, the NWA Globe Television Champ and owner of numerous tag team titles.

“& ldquo; Shawn Spears & rsquo; brand-new consultant Tully Blanchard is a legendary retired wrestler as well as a canny tactician recognized globally for his vicious streak as well as penchant for chicanery,” & rdquo; said Tony Khan, President as well as CEO of AEW. “& ldquo; Given the difficulty that Shawn has released to Cody for a suit whatsoever OUT as well as the lengthy, bitter background between Tully and also the Rhodes household, plus Shawn’& rsquo; s current habits in AEW, it shows up that Tully Blanchard has a good deal of influence over Shawn’& rsquo; s intents and actions. This indicates that going forward Shawn Spears will certainly be among the most been afraid and also unpredictable wrestlers in AEW.”

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