Xur has returned in Destiny 2.

From now until reset on Tuesday, players can find Xur in Giants Scar on Io.

Exotic Gear:

Name Type Armor Perk Perk 1 Perk 2 Cost
Coldheart Energy Trace Rifle 29 Legendary Shards
Starfire Protocol Warlock Chest Armor Mobility Enhancement Mod – Restorative Mod Unflinching Hand Cannon Aim – Unflinching Sidearm Aim – Unflinching Machine Gun Pulse Rifle Reserves – Sidearm Reserves 23 Legendary Shards
Aeon Swift Hunter Gauntlets Mobility Enhancement Mod – Plasteel Reinforcement Mod Shotgun Loader – Impact Induction – Momentum Transfer Grenade Launcher Scavenger – Rocket Launcher Scavenger 23 Legendary Shards
Eternal Warrior Titan Helmet Mobility Enhancement Mod – Restorative Mod Auto Rifle Targeting – Power Weapon Targeting – Enhanced Bow Targeting Fusion Rifle Reserves – Machine Gun Reserves 23 Legendary Shards


Name Type Cost
Five of Swords Challenge Card


Name Type Cost
The World Invitation of the Nine 9 Legendary Shards

Terrible week, as per usual. If you don’t have Coldheart though, get it. It’s a great weapon.