Site Update September 2019: Changing Things Up

Vortainment Update

As the home page said, before this post, the last thing posted was two weeks ago on August 23rd.

That’s been the usual trend with the site in past; lots of activity, weeks of nothing, repeat over and over again. That’s going to stop; it pretty much has to, otherwise we’ll never have any momentum.

In order for that loop to close, I’m changing things up here on Vortainment.

I’m not trying to make the site news oriented anymore. There’s a thousand different sites where folks can get news and “newz” (i.e. the garbage we never posted), and those sites do it much faster and lots more of it. That’s the kind of stuff you can do when you have a staff, but when you’re just one guy doing it in free time, it tends to suck.

So that’s one change.

I’m also going to give my shot at committing to a daily post, five days a week (Monday through Friday). Not multiple posts per day (although sometimes, perhaps), but one post a day.

Here’s my current leaning on a schedule:

  • Monday – Entertainment
  • Tuesday – Gaming
  • Wednesday – Feature or Review
  • Thursday – Wrestling
  • Friday – Sports

Wednesday’s will see an article or column (whatever you want to call it) on whatever I want to write about; could literally be anything, and will often be something not covered by our usual topics. If not an article, a review of something will be posted.

The other four days will just be a casual feature or two giving my thoughts on the happenings in the particular subject over the past week. It’d be kind of like a news round-up with a lot of opinion in it.

No more Destiny Daily or patch notes, nothing like that. I’ll still do some occasional Destiny posts, just because it is and will be the primary game I play, but it’s not going to dominate the site anymore.

The site has a new banner now to go with a new look. You’ve probably noticed that the MEN in Vortainment has been highlighted. That’s because with the shift away from what I’ve tried to have the site be in the past, I’m moving Vortainment in a more male oriented/focused direction. A sports and entertainment site geared towards men, because well I am one and it’ll allow me to do some stuff that I’d like to do.

That doesn’t mean for my female readers to stop visiting or commenting or whatever. You’re wanted here, and your support is, as always, appreciated. Just don’t get offended if I do a “babe of the week” thing or write about how hot some random chick in wrestling/entertainment/sports is.

I’m going to let the rest of the week go by, besides doing some cleaning and restructuring behind the scenes, and we’ll start fresh on Monday, September 9th.

Gary, aka PatriotPaine, is Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Vortainment. He's usually posting news and reviews, and doing all the back end stuff as well. Patriot likes to play video games, watch movies, wrestling and college football (Roll Tide Roll).

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