We’ve Launched A New Facebook Page; Give Us A Like!

Vortainment Facebook

Once upon a time, we had a Facebook page for the site. It was connected to the old site, Vortex Effect though.

Because Facebook is stupid, they never would allow us to change the name of the Page. Vortex Effect to Vortainment was just too confusing to them, on the level of having I Love New York change to I Love San Francisco.

So I abandoned that page, though I didn’t delete it and didn’t initially disconnect it from this site.

Today we’re launching our new Vortainment page though, and it’d really help us out if YOU could drop us a LIKE!

Unlike last time, where the page was just used to link to content here on the site (automatically whenever a new post went live, and that will still happen), this time I’ll be posting some original content to the page and will be much more active on the page and responding to comments.

If you liked our previous page, please go give the new one a like and dislike the Vortex Effect one.

If you like the site and use Facebook, it’s just a super easy way to stay up-to-date with when new posts are added to the site… and they’re about to be much more frequently.

Your support is much appreciated!

We’re looking to get more engaged in social media; FOLLOW us on Twitter and be sure to drop a LIKE on our newly launched Facebook page. Your support is appreciated!

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