Next Week in Destiny 2 (12/17/19): The Dawning Begins

Next Week In Destiny 2

Here’s a look at what’s happening next week in Destiny 2, beginning on weekly reset Tuesday, December 17th:

  • The Dawning begins!

The free-for-all players Winter event returns. Eva Levante is back in the Tower to share tidings of joy and merriment to all Guardians.

She’s got new recipes to share—and that’s where your adventure begins. Gather ingredients and hasten back to the warm glow of her upgraded Holiday Oven. Take off your coat and get toasty as you bake the tastiest treats the Tower has ever seen.

There’s a ship-shaped package and a Sparrow with your name on it. So trade in your freshly baked cookies and unwrap brand new gifts and a few vintage toys you may have missed last year.

You’ll be able to get the solar legendary machine gun Avalanche, and the new SMG Cold Front.

The Dawning begins Tuesday and last until January 14th.

Also next week:

  • Save the legendary Titan, Saint-14.
  • Unlock the Obelisks on Nessus and the EDZ.
  • Stop Ozletc, the Sky Piercer, in the Sundial arena.

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