Destiny 2 Daily Reset 10/15/2020

Daily Lead Modifiers

Influence Strikes, Menagerie, Brave Missions & & Adventures Solar Singe: Solar damage increases slightly from all resources.

  • Blackout: Enemy melee attacks are considerably much more powerful, as well as radar is impaired.
  • Grenadier: Explosive capacities deal even more damage and also recharge much faster.
  • Daily Numeration Modifiers

    Influence all three rates

    • Invalidate Singe: Void damage increases slightly from all sources.
    • Grenadier: Grenade capacities deal more damage and charge much faster.

    Daily Heroic Tale Missions

    • 1AU (PL 750) – — The Almighty. The moment has concerned stop the Almighty. Board the ship, as well as shut down its destruction tool.
    • Utopia (PL 750) – — Titan, Moon of Saturn. Venture deep into the heart of the Hive to fetch a powerful Golden era CPU—– and also make it out alive.
    • Hijacked (PL 750) – — Nessus. You require a Vex Mind to aid you check out the map of the Infinite Forest. Head to Nessus to locate one.
    • Omega (PL 750) – — Mercury. It’& rsquo; s currently or never ever. Go Into the Infinite Forest and defeat Panoptes currently, before the Vex future success comes to be unavoidable.
    • Last Telephone Call (PL 750) – — Jail of Elders. Battle along with Cayde-6 to assist Petra Venj gain back control of the harmful Jail of Elders.


    • Daily Forge: Gofannon Forge
    • Altars of Sorrow Weapon: Apostate (Sniper Rifle)

    Gunsmith Supply

    • Counterbalance Supply: Reduces recoil discrepancy for the weapon.
    • Pulse Rifle Targeting: Boosted target procurement, accuracy, and also aim-down-sights rate for Pulse Rifles.
    • Upgrade Component (1 for 1 Enhancement Core & & 10 Legendary Shards & & 25 Alkane Dust & 5000 Glimmer
    • )Upgrade Module (1 for 1 Improvement Core & & 10 Legendary Shards & & 25 Etheric Spiral & & 5000 Glimmer)
    • Improvement Prism (1 for 10 Improvement Core & & 25 Dusklight Fragment & & 10000 Twinkle)
    • Ascendant Shard (1 for 10 Improvement Prism & & 100 Dusklight Shard & & 50000 Twinkle)

    Spider Material Exchange

    • Purchase Enhancement Cores (1 for 10 Famous Fragments)
    • Purchase Legendary Shards (1 for 10 Baryon Bough)
    • Acquisition Glimmer (10000 for 20 Etheric Spiral)
    • Acquisition Phaseglass (5 for 5000 Twinkle)
    • Purchase Seraphite (5 for 5000 Glimmer)
    • Acquisition Etheric Spiral (5 for 5000 Glimmer)
    • Purchase Helium Filaments (5 for 5000 Glimmer)

    Prismatic Recaster Mods

    • Swift Fee: Become Billed with Light by quickly defeating contenders with Pulse Rifles, Sidearms, or Submachine Weapons.
    • Accuracy Cost: Come To Be Billed with Light by rapidly defeating contenders with accuracy eliminates from Bows, Hand Cannons, as well as Precursor Rifles.
    • Sustained Charge: End Up Being Billed with Light by rapidly defeating contenders with Vehicle Rifles, Trace Rifles, or Gatling Gun.
    • Energy Converter: While Charged with Light, utilizing your explosive strike gives you Super power, taking in all heaps of Charged with Light. The more stacks you have, the more energy you acquire, approximately a maximum of 50% of your Super power.
    • Charge Harvester: While you are not Charged with Light, any kill or aid has a tiny collective opportunity to trigger you to come to be Billed with Light.


    Commander Zavala, Lead

    Horseshoes and Hand Explosives
    Defeat adversaries with grenades.
    20 [Grenade] Grenade
    XP & & 5 Lead Tactician Symbol
    The Harder They Autumn
    Defeat minibosses and also employers in any strike.
    10 Challenging contenders
    XP & & 5 Vanguard Tactician Token
    Show Them the Light
    Defeat opponents with your Super in a strike.
    5 Super
    XP & & 5 Vanguard Tactician Symbol
    End up Them
    Defeat fighters with your finisher in strikes.
    5 Finisher
    XP & & 5 Lead Tactician Token

    Lord Shaxx, Crucible

    Shed Bright
    Cast your Super.
    2 Supers
    XP & & 5 Crucible Token & & 15 Valor Ranking Things
    Solar Winds
    Defeat opponents with Solar damages from any source.
    5 [Solar] Solar
    XP & & 5 Crucible Token & & 15 Valor Ranking Things
    Power Up
    Accumulate or recuperate Hefty ammunition.
    1 Heavy Ammo
    XP & & 5 Crucible Token & & 15 Valor Ranking Information
    In the Zone
    In Control, capture zones.
    3 Zones
    XP & & 5 Crucible Symbol & & 15 Valiance Ranking Things

    Eris Morn, Moon

    Filamentary, My Beloved Ghost
    Collect Helium Filaments from source nodes across the Moon.
    5 Products
    XP & & 5 Helium Filaments
    Deathless Auto
    Utilizing an Automobile Rifle, quickly defeat fighters in groups of 2 or even more.
    15 Rapidly defeated
    XP & & 5 Helium Filaments
    Spray Pattern Disintegration
    Making Use Of a Blend Rifle, swiftly defeat combatants in teams of 2 or even more.
    15 Rapidly beat
    XP & & 5 Helium Filaments
    Fallen Aquiver
    Beat Fallen in Archer’& rsquo; s Line on the Moon
    . 25 Fallen
    XP & & 5 Helium Filaments

    Lectern of Glamour, Moon

    Absolutely nothing to Anxiety
    Loss combatants in Problem Hunts with Space damage.
    20 [Void] Space
    XP & & 1 Phantasmal Piece
    Ending up the Quest
    Defeat combatants in Headache Pursues with finishers.
    12 Finisher
    XP & & 1 Phantasmal Piece
    Once a Life
    Find the Lost Industry K1 Team Quarters and also dispel the Headache within.
    3 Nightmares
    XP & & 1 Phantasmal Fragment
    Curse of the Centaur
    Loss Problems in Lost Sectors on Nessus.
    8 Headaches
    XP & & 1 Phantasmal Fragment

    The Drifter, Gambit Prime

    INTRUDER: Doctor Invader
    While attacking, heal the enemy Primeval in Gambit Prime.
    1 Primeval recovered
    1 Intruder Synth & & 50 Notoriety Ranking Things
    REAPER: Killing Device
    Defeat hostiles without dying in Gambit Prime.
    1 Streaks
    1 Reaper Synth & & 50 Notoriety Ranking Things
    ENTHUSIAST: Leave One on Their Porch
    Send Out Blockers in Gambit Prime.
    7 Blockers sent out
    1 Enthusiast Synth & & 50 Notoriety Rank Things
    SENTRY: The Baby bouncer
    Loss Blockers in Gambit Prime.
    100 Blockers defeated
    1 Sentry Synth & & 50 Infamy Rank Things
    INVADER: Getting Into the Hive
    Invader bounty. Defeat Hive Knights or Wizards on the Tangled Shore.
    10 Hive defeated
    1 Intruder Synth & & 50 Infamy Ranking Things
    REAPING MACHINE: Gaining Swiftly
    Reaping machine bounty. Rapidly defeat three or even more adversaries.
    3 Rapid beats
    1 Reaper Synth & & 50 Infamy Ranking Things
    COLLECTOR: Accumulating from Breasts
    Enthusiast bounty. Loot chests found in patrol areas throughout the system.
    5 Upper bodies appropriated
    1 Collector Synth & & 50 Notoriety Rank Details
    SENTRY: Sentry Duty at the Well
    Sentry bounty. Complete Blind Well encounters in the Fantasizing City.
    2 Encounters completed
    1 Sentry Synth & & 50 Notoriety Ranking Things

    The Drifter, Gambit

    Send out a little, a medium, and a huge Blocker in Gambit.
    1 [Little Blocker] Tiny Blockers & & 1 [Medium Blocker] Tool Blockers & & 1 [Big Blocker] Large Blockers
    XP & & 30 Notoriety Rank Points
    All Right, Okay, Okay
    Complete a Gambit match.
    1 Gambit matches
    XP & & 30 Infamy Ranking Points
    Sun Charred
    Use Solar capabilities to beat adversaries in Gambit. Beat Guardians are worth additional factors.
    15 [Solar] Solar capability
    XP & & 30 Notoriety Rank Information
    Agent While It Lasts
    Loss Primitive agents throughout Gambit matches.
    2 Envoys
    XP & & 30 Notoriety Rank Points

    Banshee-44, Gunsmith

    Submachine Weapon Calibration
    Adjust Submachine Guns versus any type of target. Gain bonus offer progression with accuracy as well as versus opposing Guardians.
    100 [SMG] Submachine Weapon
    XP & & 2 Mod Parts & & Enhancement Core
    Special Explosive Calibration
    Calibrate Grenade Launchers that utilize Special ammo versus any kind of target. Rival Guardians as well as rapidly defeated targets approve the most reliable progression.
    100  Grenade Launcher
    XP & & 2 Mod Elements & & Enhancement Core
    Heavy Explosive Calibration
    Calibrate Explosive Launchers that use Heavy ammunition against any kind of target. Opposite Guardians as well as swiftly defeated targets provide the most efficient progression.
    100 [Grenade Launcher] Grenade Launcher
    XP & & 2 Mod Parts & & Enhancement Core
    Kinetic Calibration
    Calibrate Kinetic tools against any type of target. Make incentive progression with precision as well as versus opposing Guardians.
    100 Kinetic tool
    XP & & 2 Mod Components & & Improvement Core

    Ada-1, Black Depot

    Rasmussen Tribute
    Pay homage to the Black Depot’& rsquo; s Norse heritage by beating adversaries with Power weapons and also Shotguns.
    50 Adversaries beat
    1 Modulus Report
    Gofannon Forge Ignitions
    Complete ignitions of the shed Gofannon Forge on Nessus.
    1 Ignitions finished
    1 Modulus Record
    Forge Saboteurs Quest
    Remove among the Forge Saboteurs roaming around the shed forges. Track them down in the Borders as well as the Gulch in the EDZ, as well as in Artefact’& rsquo; s Side and also the Hallows on Nessus. 1 Forge Saboteur defeated
    1 Modulus Record
    Hammer and Tongs
    Toss batteries at the create to successfully bill it.
    2 Fees finished
    1 Modulus Report
    Strike Analysis
    Full strikes with a minimum of one Black Depot weapon outfitted.
    1 Strikes completed
    1 Modulus Record

    Crawler, Tangled Coast

    The Great Equalizer
    Defeat Fallen in Burglars’ & rsquo; Touchdown.
    35 Fallen beat
    XP & & 5 Etheric Spiral
    Get 25 accuracy last blows on the Twisted Coast.
    25 Accuracy kills
    XP & & 5 Etheric Spiral
    Treasure Seeker
    Loot treasure chests on the Twisted Coast.
    5 Upper bodies appropriated
    XP & & 5 Etheric Spiral
    Shed in the Gulch
    Discover the Lost Industry Trapper’& rsquo; s Cavern near Four-Horn Gulch on the Tangled Coast.
    XP & & 5 Etheric Spiral

    Devrim Kay, EDZ

    European Live Area
    Loss adversaries in the EDZ.
    50 Enemies beat
    XP & & 10 Dusklight Fragment
    Get explosive eliminates in the EDZ.
    20 Grenade kills
    XP & & 10 Dusklight Shard
    Touch deep space
    Defeat enemies with Void damages in the EDZ.
    30 Void eliminates
    XP & & 10 Dusklight Shard

    Sloane, Titan

    Traveler’& rsquo; s Chosen Obtain Super kills on Titan.
    20 Super kills
    XP & & 10 Alkane Dust
    Chain Lightning
    Get Arc eliminates on Titan.
    30 Arc kills
    XP & & 10 Alkane Dirt
    Fragrance of the Void
    Get Void eliminates on Titan.
    30 Space kills
    XP & & 10 Alkane Dirt

    Failsafe, Nessus

    Super Awesome
    Defeat multiple opponents with a single Super while on Nessus.
    3 Super multikills
    XP & & 10 Microphasic Datalattice
    Develop Orbs of Light on Nessus.
    10 Orbs generated
    XP & & 10 Microphasic Datalattice
    Public Efficiency
    Complete public events on Nessus.
    2 Public events completed
    XP & & 10 Microphasic Datalattice

    Asher Mir, Io

    Frank Exchange of Views
    Defeat Tackled Io.
    30 Taken defeated
    XP & & 10 Phaseglass Needle
    One Shot, One Eliminate
    Obtain precision eliminates on Io.
    10 Precision kills
    XP & & 10 Phaseglass Needle
    Lost Exploration
    Get cache codes in Lost Sectors on Io.
    2 Cache codes got
    XP & & 10 Phaseglass Needle

    Sibling Vance, Mercury

    Lighthouse Keeper
    Defeat adversaries on Mercury.
    50 Adversaries beat
    XP & & 10 Simulation Seed
    Take It Orb Shed It
    Create Orbs of Light on Mercury.
    10 Orbs created
    XP & & 10 Simulation Seed
    Get Solar capacity eliminates on Mercury.
    15 Solar kills
    XP & & 10 Simulation Seed

    Ana Bray, Mars

    Give ‘& lsquo; Em Hellas
    Defeat adversaries on Mars.
    50 Opponents beat
    XP & & 10 Seraphite
    Loss Hive on Mars.
    30 Hive defeated
    XP & & 10 Seraphite
    Attention Occasion
    Complete public occasions on Mars.
    2 Public events finished
    XP & & 10 Seraphite

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