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Outriders Reveals End-Game Content, Expeditions


Square Enix premiered the fourth broadcast for Outriders today, officially revealing the post-campaign Expeditions content.

Expeditions will challenge even the most accomplished Outrider and push them to their limits. Battle through a series of tough-as-nails missions to unlock the most powerful equipment in the game.

“Expeditions expand on the story of the OUTRIDERS campaign and features the toughest challenges in the game. They’re meant to be played with a team of skilled and coordinated Outriders,” said Bartek Kmita, Creative Director of OUTRIDERS at People Can Fly. “Powerful equipment and efficient character builds, along with true skill and mastery over your class, are necessary to succeed and reach the highest levels of Expeditions.”

Outriders launches on February 2, 2021 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and will come later in 2021 to Google Stadia.

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