Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How to Get Salvation’s Grip

Salvation’& rsquo; s Hold is the new exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2, and also it is a Stasis weapon.

Gamers thought that it was the raid exotic, however it’& rsquo; s really a mission based unique making it easily obtainable.

Salvation’& rsquo; s Grasp includes the innate attribute Cryocannon: R2 Press: Hold to bill, release to fire. This tool’& rsquo; s projectiles develop Stasis crystals as well as freeze neighboring targets. It likewise has the attribute Flash Freeze; Charging this weapon boosts the freeze span and amount of Tension crystals developed.

To obtain the mission, which is called The Stasis Prototype, you will require to complete the Beyond Light campaign by beating Eramis. After completing it, head to the Annex in the Tower to talk with Drifter and he’& rsquo; ll obtain you began.

There are 7 steps to the quest, and also note that it will drop 5 power over your base. I was 1200 when I got it, it was 1205, so maintain that in mind if you’& rsquo; re trying to maximize your power gains.

The Tension Prototype

You’& rsquo; ll demand to defeat 10 Fallen Captains as well as 10 Fallen Servitors on Europa. You can discover these in the Twinkle Extraction and Ether Servitor public events, in crowds around areas. I had good success finding servitors in Cadmus Ridge.

Next, defeat one Eramis’ & rsquo; council participants in an Empire Quest. These will appear after finishing the Reclaiming Europa, Empire’& rsquo; s Autumn as well as The Dark Priestess quest from Variks.

You’& rsquo; ll have to beat 100 enemies with, or influenced by, Tension abilities. I did this fairly swiftly making use of Seeker with Bettor’& rsquo; s evade in a shed industry.

When you complete the Stasis eliminates, you’& rsquo; ll be tasked with meeting a partner of Spider’& rsquo; s in a Lost Market. The Lost Field you & rsquo; re searching for is called Concealed Void and also it’& rsquo; s in Asterion Abyss, Europa. Eliminate the boss and every other adversary in the room, and also Crawler’& rsquo; s link will uncloak himself near the breast.

Next off, head back to the Annex as well as speak to Drifter.

Drifter will certainly tell you to complete a new objective called Stealing Stasis. It’& rsquo; ll show up on the Europa map in Charon’& rsquo; s Going across. Mid-way via the goal you will get Salvation’& rsquo; s Grasp, and at the end of the mission there & rsquo; s a lot of respawning hefty ammunition cages for you to use the gun to remove a boss. The weapon is yours at this point.

Ultimately, head back to see the Drifter to formally complete the mission.


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