Destiny 2 Daily Legend/Master Lost Sectors 11/19/2020

Right here are the Legend and also Master Lost Sectors for November 19th. The Legend offers up Exotic arms, so farm for the new ones.

Master Shed Industry (1280 )

Hid Gap –– Asterion Abyss, Europa

This Fallen based shed market rewards Unique Leg Armor if solo.

  • Master Trouble: Bonus Shields, Suit Game, Locked Equipment, Additional Champions
  • Fallen Champions: Barrier, Overload
  • Fallen Modifier: Arach-NO!
  • Destination Modifier: Memory of a Frozen Problem
  • Master Modifier: Chaff
  • Shed: Isolated Flames

Recommended Power: 1280


  • (If Solo) Exotic Leg Shield –– Typical
  • Enhancement Cores (Unusual)

Legend Lost Field (1250 )

Bunker E15 –– Eventide Ruins, Europa

This Vex based lost sector rewards Unique Arms Shield if solo.

  • Tale Trouble: Additional Shields, Suit Game, Locked Equipment
  • Vex Champions: Barrier, Overload
  • Vex Modifier: Shocker
  • Location Modifier: Memory of a Frozen Quandary
  • Melt: Forlorn Miasma

Recommended Power: 1250


  • (If Solo) Exotic Arms Shield –– Unusual
  • Enhancement Cores –– Unusual
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