Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 12/29/2020

Nightfall –– The Ordeal: The Glassway


  • Nightfall: The Experience: Adept
    • Sweltered Earth: Enemies throw explosives considerably more often.
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal: Hero
    • All previous modifiers
    • Champions: Overload: This setting includes Overload Champions, which can not be stopped without an Overload mod.
    • Champions: Barrier: This setting has Obstacle Champions, which can not be quit without an Anti-Barrier mod.
    • Champions: Fallen: This setting includes both Obstacle and also Overload Champions, which can not be stopped without an Anti-Barrier or Overload mod, specifically.
    • Hero Modifiers: Additional Shields
    • Belmon’& rsquo; s Algorithm: Inbound Void and also airborne damage boosted.
  • Nightfall: The Experience: Legend
    • All previous modifiers
    • Tools Locked: You will certainly not be able to change your tools hereafter activity starts.
    • Match Game: Enemy guards are extremely immune to all unrivaled essential damages.
    • Tale Modifiers: Secured Loadout & & Match Game & Extra Shields
  • Nightfall: The Challenge: Master
    • All previous modifiers
    • Togetherness: Base wellness regen is reduced. If near an additional gamer, health regen is raised.
    • Master Modifiers: Champions: Crowd & & Secured Loadout & Suit Video Game & & Extra Shields
    • Champions: Mob: This mode includes additional Champions.


  • Effective (Rate 1) reward: Obtain 3 factors by completing runs. Higher troubles approve more points.
  • Peak incentive: Get a score of 100k. Because modifiers are fixed, this requires a high trouble run.

Weekly Crucible Potter’s Wheel: Chaos

“& ldquo; Enjoy yourselves, Guardians. You’& rsquo; —ve earned it. & rdquo;– Lord Shaxx Fight for Valiance by defeating challengers. Abilities as well as Supers restore much faster. Hefty ammunition generates much more often.

Lead Burn: Solar Singe

The various other modifiers turn daily, take a look at the Daily Reset Thread for them!


  • Eclipsed Zone: Eventide Ruins
  • Realm Search: The Dark Priestess: Beat the brand-new leader of the Fallen, Kridis, the Dark Priestess.
  • Exo Obstacle: Simulation: Survival: Simulated Skill-Set Training: Endure the extreme climate as you remove the Vex.

Tradition Activities

  • Moon:
    • Straying Problem: Headache of Horkis, Concern of Mithrax (Anchor of Light)
    • Trove Guardian is in Archer’& rsquo; s Line Headache Search: Worry: Beat the Nightmare of Phogoth.
    • Nightmare Hunt: Seclusion: Beat the Headache of Taniks, the Scarred.
    • Problem Search: Rage: Defeat the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul.
  • Fantasizing City: Weak Curse
    • Petra is at The Hair.
    • Weekly Mission: Broken Messenger –– React to a distress call in the Strand.
    • Ascendant Challenge: Forfeit Temple, Gardens of Esila
    • Blind Well: Scorn, Plagues: Sikariis & & Varkuuriis Eververse

Bright Dust Offerings

Concentrated Mattergem
An Upgrade Component ionizer created from fine-tuned Mattergems.
200 Bright Dirt
A shard with the ability to generate Twinkle throughout battle.
250 Bright Dirt
Scavenger’& rsquo; s Benefit A transmutation device with the ability to produce global materials.
250 Intense Dirt
Frosty Good friend
Warm hugs in the cold of winter season.
Multiplayer Emote
4250 Bright Dirt
Little Helper Shell
For Ghosts who create pleasure in the world.
Ghost Covering
2850 Bright Dirt
Silverwing Kestrel
Seek to the skies with hope in your heart.
2000 Bright Dust
Resilient Laurel
Apply this shader to alter the color of your equipment.
40 Bright Dirt
Lucent Evening Seeker Package
Has a complete collection of Dawning 2020 Hunter global accessories. Bundle rate decreased for every product you already own.
6000 Bright Dirt
Northlight Seeker Bundle
Has a complete collection of Dawning 2019 Hunter global ornaments. Package cost decreased for every item you already possess.
6000 Bright Dirt
Frostveil Seeker Bundle
Contains a complete collection of Dawning 2018 Seeker global accessories. Bundle cost decreased for each and every item you already own.
6000 Bright Dirt
Winterhart Hunter Package
Has a complete set of Dawning 2017 Seeker universal accessories. Package rate lowered for each product you already own.
6000 Bright Dirt
Stormy Weather condition
A tornado front is coming in & hellip;
3250 Bright Dirt
Clenched fist Bump
We obtained this!
Multiplayer Emote
1250 Bright Dirt
Tangled Covering
For Ghosts that such as to be an annoyance.
Ghost Shell
2850 Bright Dirt
Crystalline Covering
For Ghosts who understand that no 2 people are alike.
Ghost Covering
2850 Bright Dust
Gift Giver
“& ldquo; Encyrpted information !? You shouldn’& rsquo;” —t have, Guardian & hellip; & rdquo;– Master Rahool Vehicle
2500 Bright Dirt
Cardinal Regulation
You might not always understand where you’& rsquo; re going, however you know exactly how you’& rsquo; ll arrive.
2500 Bright Dirt
The Great Pigeon Forecast
Outfit this product to alter your Ghost’& rsquo; s estimate. Ghost Forecast
1500 Bright Dust
Dawning Sparkle
Apply this Dawning shader to transform the shade of your gear.
40 Brilliant Dirt
Dawning Peace
Outfit this shader to alter the color of your equipment.
40 Brilliant Dirt
Dawning Celebration
Outfit this shader to alter the color of your gear.
40 Intense Dirt
Outfit this shader to alter the color of your equipment.
40 Bright Dirt
Ice Ball Impacts
Alterations for your ship’& rsquo; s transmat systems, so you & rsquo; ll always show up in vogue. Transmat Effect
450 Brilliant Dust
Shower of Gifts
Adjustments for your ship’& rsquo; s transmat systems, so you & rsquo; ll constantly show up in vogue. Transmat Impact
450 Bright Dust
Wailing Blizzard
Adjustments for your ship’& rsquo; s transmat systems, so you’& rsquo; ll constantly get here in vogue.
Transmat Impact
450 Brilliant Dirt

Weekly Bounties

Eva Levante, Charming Old Lady

Sweet Gifts
Bake scrumptious deals with in Eva’& rsquo; s Holiday Stove.
1000 Glimmer
25 Gifts baked
XP & & Bright Dirt & 30 Essence of Dawning & 10 Dawning Spirit The Spirit
of Providing Provide vacation deals with to receivers throughout the system.
1000 Glimmer
25 Presents delivered
XP & & Bright Dust & 30 Significance of Dawning & & 10 Dawning Spirit

Shaw Han, Cosmodrome

Public Disruption
Total public occasions on the Cosmodrome. Brave public events approve the most reliable progression.
1000 Glimmer
3 Public events
XP & & Glimmer Complete Range
Loss combatants on the Cosmodrome with Arc, Space, as well as Solar damage.
1000 Glimmer
25 [Arc] Arc & & 25 [Void] Void & & 25 [Solar] Solar
XP & & Glimmer The Crow, Spider’& rsquo; s Enforcer

Fallen Employer Culling: Tension
Defeat a Fallen employer with Tension damages.
1000 Glimmer
4 Fallen boss beat
Hive Employer Culling: Kinetic
Defeat a Hive manager with Kinetic damages.
1000 Glimmer
4 Hive employer beat

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