Vortainment Social Media Update

At Vortainment, we are pro-free speech and also against censorship and especially against it when it is applied hypocritically.

Yesterday, Twitter completely outlawed Head of state Donald Trump from the platform together with a lot of other conservatives and also removed his Tweets from the POTUS account. Allegedly for hate speech or provoking violence.

For years we’& rsquo; ve had renowned people, political leaders, and also media people from the Left inciting hate as well as encouraging physical violence on Twitter as well as various other leftist platforms. While cities melted, people were killed, and shops were appropriated due to dead hooligans, these Marxist had the ability to spew their hate and motivate additional physical violence and troubles with immunity.

Therefore, we will no more automatically upload links to our blog posts on Twitter or Facebook, nor use the platforms in any type of various other capacity. We will not use, or support in anyhow, these platforms that exercise censorship specifically in such a politically driven and also sanctimonious way. Issue to those that call wicked excellent as well as excellent evil, who put darkness for light and also light for darkness, who placed bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

You can follow us on alternative platforms listed below:

Gab: https://gab.com/Vortainment

Parler: https://parler.com/profile/Vortainment/posts

Minds: https://www.minds.com/vortainment/

If you are browsing our website with Mozilla FireFox, and you aren’& rsquo; t a Marxist, please consider locating a new browser. Mozilla believes that just deplatforming individuals isn’& rsquo; t sufficient. We assume you shouldn’& rsquo; t usage Mozilla items. If you require a brand-new internet browser, attempt using Brave or the modified Brave Skeptic.

In regards to Parler, which many have actually flocked to, I do not believe it is long for this globe due to their use Amazon. It’& rsquo; s only an issue of time before Amazon.com disengages on their hosting. Gab is a far better option to Twitter.

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