Spider-Man is finally coming to Marvel’s Avengers, as a PlayStation exclusive, on November 30th.

Today, Crystal Dynamics has revealed Spider-Man in action with a trailer that you should check out below.

Crystal Dynamics detailed what a Hero Event is and how it differs from the Operations that we have seen introduce other new characters:

The overarching difference is scale, which impacts the way the story is told. The Hero-Event doesn’t come with a story campaign in the way an Operation does. The Spider-Man Hero Event narrative is told through a combination of cutscenes, dialogue, and a chain of documents.

There are objectives for his story that unlock these documents as they are completed, which unfolds his narrative arc and gradually reveals his journey in our original Avengers world. As a result, Spider-Man will already be unlocked for existing Missions, rather than having to recruit him as a playable Hero during his story via story missions.

For more on Marvel Avengers and the large patch coming at the end of the month, click here. Of course, the Spider-Man Hero event is free for all PlayStation players.


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