Bungie Details Destiny 2 Weapon Sandbox Tuning in The Witch Queen

Bungie Details Destiny 2 Weapon Sandbox Tuning in The Witch Queen photo 0

The latest Today at Bungie blog site was a large one.

Bungie described the weapon crafting system as well as brand-new tool Origin Traits involving Fate 2 with The Witch Queen growth.

They additionally provided type of a patch note sneak peek of some tool sandbox tuning concerning the video game together with The Witch Queen.

From the TWAB:


  • Kill Trackers were once one reason to Masterwork a weapon, yet we now see no reason to entrance these behind Masterworking. They’& rsquo; ll exist by default on all weapons that delivered in Forsaken and later (Exotic tools prior to Forsaken will be upgraded in a later release).
    • Yes, this indicates Masterworking must no more be seen as necessary, and also we expect the +10 to a weapon stat (or +10 to key stat, +3 to various other stats for Adepts) to only matter to specialized PvP players.
    • We have no certain plans for adjustments to Masterworking at this stage yet will revisit it later on. (Note that we did talk about gating the Origin Attribute behind Masterworking, yet ultimately this wouldn’& rsquo; t have actually accomplished the goal of tool distinction for non-Masterworked tools.)
  • Following in the Armor Group’& rsquo; s steps, tool mods for Epic weapons are now totally free and instant to insert.
  • Our company believe that several pain factors around Special tools in Crucible are worsened by exactly how easy it currently is to acquire Special ammunition, and also while we’& rsquo; ve touched this in the past, we’& rsquo; re making a more modification currently:
    • Players now just go down one Unique ammo on death (or comparable), despite how much they were lugging (as long they weren’& rsquo; t totally vacant).
    • The optimum you can pick up off an Unique brick is one for a Shotgun, Combination Rifle, or Sniper Rifle, or comparable for other weapons. Scavenger mods contribute to this as typical, yet we’& rsquo; ll be examining their location in Crucible in the future.
  • Players rapidly located another method to execute the quickswap glitch, so we’& rsquo; ve dealt with an additional computer animation cancel.


  • The Period 15 Combination Rifle remodel had a lot of moving components –– rapid-fire, accuracy, and also flexible Fusions appeared of this various however all quite solid, yet high-impact Blends are harming. We’& rsquo; ve most definitely seen all Combination Rifle subfamilies inhabit various functions and also wish to maintain the big differences in charge time to keep these distinctive in the meantime. So, we’& rsquo; re nudging damage up to make it easier for these to land eliminates at range in PvP as well as we are bumping the PvE damages scalar. That said, we’& rsquo; ll keep an eye on how they & rsquo; re doing as well as might readjust charge time down a smidge in a future release.
    • Enhanced High-Impact Fusion Rifle damages per bolt from 62 to 64 (this doesn’& rsquo; t look like a great deal, however it allows even more rolls to go across bolts-to-kill limits).
    • Enhanced High-Impact Fusion Rifle PvE damage perk from 15 percent to 20 percent.
  • We like that the crowd control abilities of Breech Explosive Launchers in PvE have actually removed, however as it stands there isn’& rsquo; t a significant tradeoff for the included utility that blinding or blast explosives give you, as well as it’& rsquo; s unreasonable that a means to really annoy various other players in PvP can also one-shot them.
    • Reduced Blinding as well as Blast Explosive damage by 25 percent.
  • Rocket Launcher subfamilies have actually done not have significant differences for a while now, as well as their complimentary monitoring Accuracies are flat-out better, so we’& rsquo; re pushing them better apart by readjusting damages. We might take a deeper consider Rocket Launchers later.
    • Damage change by subfamily:
      • Precision: 0.95 x
      • High Impact: 1.0 x
      • Flexible: 1.05 x
      • Aggressive: 1.05 x
  • We took a huge swing at Sniper Rifle objective help based upon zoom in Beyond Light and having seen this play out are revisiting the tuning on the zoom-based AA scaling. Low-zoom snipers obtained even more of a Goal Assist (AA) decrease than they needed, and also high-zoom Snipers are obtaining some quite silly headshots right now.
    • Minimized variance in AA scaling between low (35 zoom) and high-zoom (60 zoom) Sniper Rifles.
    • Cone angle scalar raised by ~ 25 percent on reduced zoom, reduced by ~ 9 percent above zoom.
  • Pulse Rifles take somewhat too long to eliminate red bar opponents in PvE. We’& rsquo; re buffing their damage vs. minors by 10 percent (yet if you want Unique Pulse Rifles to really feel much better at this –– oh boy, keep reading).

Unique Defense

  • Unique Main weapons as well as Trace Rifles aren’& rsquo; t sufficiently stronger than Legendaries for them to be worth bringing into hard PvE web content, specifically versus minors. Keep in mind that this modification puts on all Exotics that use Key ammunition, and includes most second impacts (e.g., perk-triggered surges).
    • Raised damage vs minors in PvE by 40 percent.
  • Surveillant is a fear in PvP, especially with the nerf to pellet Shotguns as well as the minimized frequency of explosive as well as melee capacities, as well as it outperforms some tools that should be great counters to it, for example Sidearms as well as Submachine Weapons.
    • Minimized passive range enthusiast from 2m to 0.5 m.
  • Duality is in a similar location to Surveillant, but it’& rsquo; s not rather as rangy. On the various other hand, its Exotic trait delivered with the restraint that it would certainly wipe on reload, to make it more difficult to chain. Having actually seen it at work for a while currently, we don’& rsquo; t assume that limitation needs to be there.
    • Decreased passive variety enthusiast in slug setting (i.e., when aiming down views) from 1.25 m to 0.5 m (pellet setting is untouched).
    • The On Black Wings damages buff no longer gets rid of on reload.
  • Tarrabah is extremely solid as it is, but it currently demands complete commitment, with no tool switching. This restriction is a bit harsher than it requires to be, so we’& rsquo; ve loosened it without eliminating it totally. Likewise, while the period expansion when damaging gamers did in fact feature in PvP, it was so subtle that gamers maintained reporting that it was badgered, so we bumped them up.
    • Now decreases perk progression by fifty percent rather than removing it on tool stow.
    • Boosted Ravenous Monster period increases for harming a gamer slightly.
  • Crippling Effigy has actually been overdue for a take a look at its Beyond Light nerf (the nerf to harm dealt while securing), so we’& rsquo; re rolling that back. Note that the other component of that nerf was to the air-borne conventional melee attack, and also this hasn’& rsquo; t been touched.
    • Enhanced the damages dealt by securing with a transmutation ball by 66 percent (30percent versus gamers).
    • Keep In Mind: Transmutation Round multikills currently count for Orb generation shield mods (formerly only kills with the light beam would certainly trigger this).
  • Lumina’& rsquo; s statistics just wear & rsquo; t compare to other 140 RPM Adaptive Hand Cannons, and its usage shows that, so we & rsquo; re upgrading these alongside several of the Legendary Hand Cannons that additionally utilized to be 150 RPM (see listed below).
    • Boosted range stat from 44 to 59
    • Raised base stability stat from 46 to 56.
    • Sorry Thorn fans, Thorn is already solid and prominent, and also a similar aficionado would transform it into a monster in PvP.
  • Ager’& rsquo; s Scepter & rsquo; s first implementation made use of Super regeneration scalars, which had very odd results in activities that additionally had scalars, so we’& rsquo; ve rebuilt it to shut off regeneration while energetic as well as have implemented a slower drain making use of a various technique.
    • Taken care of being able to activate or continue making use of encouraged setting while suppressed or Stasis enclosed.
    • Reconstruct the perk —– made use of to modify Super charge price, currently freezes Super recharge and also deducts Super straight, fixing several problems with tasks that change cost price and outliers for recharge based upon Intelligence stat.
    • Super needs to currently drain more slowly while equipped.
  • Dead Guy’& rsquo; s Tale feels good to utilize on both computer mouse and key-board as well as controller currently, and also we put on’& rsquo; t intend to go back to it’really feeling undependable, yet it & rsquo; s much as well good at spamming hip-fire chance ats long range as it
    • stands. Minimized the stimulant’& rsquo; s hip-fire price of fire from 150 RPM to 130 RPM.
  • Lorentz Chauffeur and also Arbalest continue to be rather difficult to respond to in PvP; one usual complaint is just how conveniently they can fire via flinch. We’& rsquo; ll be watching on these moving on as well as have an additional adjustment intended if needed.
    • Boosted flinch obtained.
  • Leader’& rsquo; s ammo economic climate was rather traditional when we shipped 30th Wedding anniversary however having actually seen exactly how it’& rsquo; s used in PvP our team believe it would certainly gain from gaining a bit more ammunition per Unique block.
    • Increased ammunition got from an Unique ammo block from 2 to 3 (and also from four to five with a scavenger mod).

Epic Weapons

  • A number of Legendary weapons have out-of-band statistics, either to their benefit, detriment, or a bit of both. When infusion caps were still around, this was okay because they’& rsquo;d cycle out eventually.But currently the weapons remain viable in all tasks indefinitely as well as the remedy is to adjust outliers to be in-band (as pointed out in the Feb 2021 State of the Game).
    • Hand Cannons: The band for Legendary 140 RPM Hand Cannon Goal Aid ends at 84 (and also this extreme need to be for a Hand Cannon from a peak activity, like a raid or Trials), yet when 150s were transformed to 140s, a lot of their stats were either too low or too expensive. We’& rsquo; re adjusting the statistics of these to be within the typical ranges (up or down), as adheres to (a general aficionado most of the times):.
      • Alarming Guarantee: +4 range, +3 security, -4 aim aid.
      • Waking Vigil: +6 array, +5 stability, -3 objective help.
      • Jack Queen King 3: +3 variety, +3 security, -8 aim assist.
      • Extra Rations: +4 range, +4 stability, -9 goal aid.
    • Felwinter’& rsquo; s Lie & rsquo; s intrinsic perk makes it far also regular and also deadly compared to similar Shotguns, as well as it’& rsquo; s had a lot of time to shine.
      • +15 percent spread angle.
    • Most of Ikelos SMG’& rsquo; s statistics are extremely out of band for an aggressive SMG, yet it does experience having a reduced zoom contrasted to other popular choices.
      • +1 zoom, -5 array, -7 security, -8 handling, -5 purpose help.
  • Commonly, we put on’& rsquo; t adjust base stats on certain tools at all post-ship, so we don’& rsquo; t intend to do this on a regular basis.


  • We want gamers to be able to pick to develop into hip-firing much more easily, so we’& rsquo; re readjusting the Hip-fire Grip perk to support this.
    • Currently boosts damages falloff begin and also end distances by 20 percent (other than on Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, and also Combination Rifle).
  • Adagio often seemed like it changed a weapon’& rsquo; s subfamily to the following slowest rate of fire —– however even worse, particularly when comparing damages falloff.
    • Increased duration from 5s to 7s.
    • Raised damages reward (except on Bows as well as Fusion Rifles) from 25 percent to 30 percent.
    • Currently includes +10 range stat.
    • Added a timer to the aficionado text to make it easier to inform when it’& rsquo; s mosting likely to expire.
  • Twin Loader is alright theoretically, yet in method that refill rate is rather unpleasant.
    • Minimized reload stat fine from -50 to -35.
  • Threat Zone really felt pretty risky to make use of sometimes, resulting in a great deal of self-damage.
    • Reduced self-damage scalar for Grenade Launchers, incorporated with the other scalars, this is winds up decreasing self-damage from 1.25 x to 0.75 x.
  • Faucet the Trigger is the meta-breaking perk on a particular Blend Rifle. When piled with various other aspects of this roll, it makes Combination Rifles a lot as well stable. A lot to ensure that we stopped placing it on Combination Rifles, and after that squidface sold it a couple of times. With this modification we believe it’& rsquo; s still rather a solid perk without being subdued, so it’& rsquo; s likely to appear on future Blend Rifles (note: we did try lowering stability from +40 to +20, however in playtests the distinction wasn’& rsquo; t perceptible).
    • On Combination Rifles only:.
      • Lowered stability bonus from +40 to +10.
      • Altered max recoil angle range from 0.5 to 0.875.
      • Altered mistake angle scale from 0.9 to 0.975.
      • Unmodified on all various other weapons.
  • Headseeker didn’& rsquo; t work as planned on Aggressive Ruptured Pulse Rifles, since the aficionado’& rsquo; s period was too short. Sacred Provenance is the only practical Pulse Rifle that benefits from this in Period 16 (although there IS such a Pulse in the Season, it doesn’& rsquo; t roll with Headseeker), however expect to see much more in future Seasons.
    • Extended lover period from 0.17 to 0.3 s
  • Let’& rsquo; s speak about Eager Side. It’& rsquo; s a great deal of enjoyable to make use of, but it can be used to do some wonderful, environment-breaking points if utilized in particular methods while air-borne. While the adjusting listed below isn’& rsquo; t suggested to get rid of the fun aspect, we have a fresh raid (and also various other fun web content) featuring The Witch Queen and also wish to ensure we retain obstacle behind our upcoming rewards. Bursting out of maps can be fun, certainly, yet can conveniently get rid of the status and also value of a provided product or experience.
    • Reduced lunge range advantage while air-borne by 25 percent.
    • Currently caps maximum player airborne speed (to a rather high value) while active.
  • Occasionally we’& rsquo; ll shelve rewards, since they’& rsquo; re not helping some reason (also strong or as well weak). This indicates we won’& rsquo; t put them on tools in the future unless we alter the perk. In many cases we’& rsquo;d rather put design infiltrate new advantages than old ones, however there’& rsquo; s” an entire & ldquo; Advantage & rdquo; section here. Anyway, these rewards are shelved (some have been shelved a while):.
    • Bottomless Sorrow and also Celerity (Both were efforts to infuse some originality into Tests of Osiris and also Nightfall tools, which we’& rsquo; re currently doing with Origin Traits.)
    • Underdog
    • Shield Disorient
    • Air Assault (though note that this may get a redesign in a future Season)

The Future

  • In Period 17 we’& rsquo; ll have a set of PvP-focused tool adjustments, consisting of:
  • New means for players to develop for flinch resistance.
  • Equilibrium adjusting for key weapons (checking out you, Pulse Rifles; Lightweights specifically).
  • Unique tool tuning (Snapshot sensation necessary on Sniper Rifles in PvP, various other equilibrium modifications).
  • An additional PvP Unique ammunition economic situation adjustment, if required.
  • Adjusting just how zoom outliers (both low and also high) influence the efficiency of a subset of weapons (i.e., the Range column shouldn’& rsquo; t be the most crucial point on a weapon). This could take various forms but the intent is to bring both low and high outliers in the direction of the standard (to the overall advantage of the tool archetype).
  • We’& rsquo; re additionally adjusting a number of much-requested Exotics, along with Fabulous perks.

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Origin Attributes Come to Defense in Fate 2 in The Witch Queen
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