Voidwalker PvE Witch Queen Starter Build – Nezarec’s Chosen

The Witch Queen is virtually right here, and also with it comes a full overhaul of the Void subclasses to what Bungie calls Void 3.0.

This upgrade brings the personalization of the Tension subclass to Invalidate ones, providing Guardians brand-new means to develop their personalities in Fate 2.

It’& rsquo; s crucial to keep in mind here up front that this Voidwalker PvE Witch Queen Starter Build is simply that; a Witch Queen Gap 3.0 starter construct. It is for people who have been playing the video game, and therefore will promptly have the Facets and also Fragments opened without needing to do New Light content.

As a starter develop, it consists of just weapons as well as mods we currently have, combined with what we understand about Gap 3.0. It’& rsquo; s a construct that you can equip now, and then just make your subclass personalization adjustments first point at launch and be ready to go.

We will contend least among these for each class, beginning naturally here with the Warlocks which are currently effective as well as preferred in PvE and will soon be even better.

This is Nezarec’& rsquo; s Chosen, the Void 3.0 Voidwalker PvE Witch Queen Beginner Build.


  • –– Equipping Break: Invoke a well of power that boosts tool damages for those inside it.
  • –– Burst Glide: Dive while air-borne to activate Glide as well as start an airborne drift with a solid initial boost of rate.
  • –– Scatter Grenade: An explosive that divides right into many submunitions and also covers a huge area with several surges.
  • –– Nova Warp:–– Step between measurements to subvert the regulations of physics.

The abilities are a lot more personal preference than anything, not a massive part of the build always. If you like Nova Bomb, use that instead of Nova Warp. If you’& rsquo; re proficient at Blink,

utilize’that. You & rsquo; ll have 6 grenade choices, utilize the one you like ideal. Right now, I such as Scatter, yet the adjustment to Vortex (it’& rsquo; ll suck opponents in), and Reductions (to respond to the new Hive Guardians) are both options I’& rsquo; ll be taking a look at.

We’& rsquo; re using Empowering Rift due to the fact that healing shouldn & rsquo; t be a lot of a problem.


There will just be three Elements in Void 3.0, and certainly just two can be equipped at once.

  • –– Feed the Void: Beat an adversary with a Space ability to activate devour.
  • –– Youngster of the Old Gods: Cast your Rift to summon a Gap Spirit. When you damage an opponent with your weapon, your Space Soul will certainly launch itself towards them and also detonate nearby, attaching draining pipes tendrils which deal damage and compromise the target. When your Space Spirit deals damages, it recovers either melee as well as explosive power (if running Healing Rift), or health and wellness (if running Equipping Rift) back to you. Defeating an opponent that is being drained pipes gives Break energy.

The various other Aspect, that we’& rsquo; re not using in this construct, is Turmoil Accelerant which enables you to overcharge your grenade.

With the two we’& rsquo; re selecting you can see why healing won’& rsquo; t be a trouble. Our Gap capability eliminates will trigger feast on, as well as our Void Spirit from Childs of the Old Gods will recover health and wellness when the Spirit harms an opponent.


This is a little difficult to checklist for a couple of reasons. The big one is that we don’& rsquo; t understand the amount of Fragment Ports Feed deep space has. Disorder Accelerant has one, Youngster of the Old Gods has 2. To be safe below, I’& rsquo; ll think Feed the Void has one, providing us 3 fragments to play with.

We also put on’& rsquo; t understand what all the fragments are, as not all will be available on the first day(some will just appear after the Globe First raid conclusion).

We understand of 4 pieces: we’& rsquo; re picking three right here and hoping none are secured behind the raid conclusion.

  • –– Mirror of Expulsion: Gap capacity kills cause enemies to take off; Intellect benefit.
  • –– Mirror of Provision: Destructive adversaries with grenades gives melee energy; Stamina penalty.
  • –– Echo of Undermining: Space grenades compromise enemies; Self-control charge.

The various other fragment we know of is, Mirror of Domineering: After subduing a target, gain significantly boosted Wheelchair for a brief period and also your equipped tool is refilled from reserves; Discipline incentive.

Now I like what Echo of Domineering does, and also hopefully Feed deep space has two ports so we can run all four anyway. However as is, making use of scatter explosive we don’& rsquo; t have anything to reduce opponents so the only benefit from Domineering would certainly be a technique bonus.

Given our unique shield and also weapon selection, that truly doesn’& rsquo; t issue, and also it would certainly simply balance out the technique fine from Threatening.

Moving on, our Exotic Armor item.

Nezarec’& rsquo; s Wrong Abyssal Extractors– Void-damage eliminates boost capability recharge rate.

With this build, if we obtain a kill, it’& rsquo; s practically proccing Abyssal Extractors. Shooting an explosive barrel or specific finishes won’& rsquo; t, but every little thing else will trigger it. That would be all three of our weapons, our explosive, melee, super and Space Spirit. Whatever we do is feeding us capacity power.

Subsequently, we’& rsquo; re putting down Encouraging Break’& rsquo; s as well as triggering Youngster of the Old Gods typically. We’& rsquo; re tossing explosives as well as chaining surges. We’& rsquo; re regularly being recovered, making wells that protect us as well as offer us much more weapon damage.

We’& rsquo; ll be going through the starting Witch Queen missions with great survivability and likewise rather the damage supplier also.

We’& rsquo; re pairing Nezarec & rsquo; s Sin with our three weapon options, going all in on Void to keep Abyssal Extractors procced.

Vacationer’& rsquo;

s Chosen Our primary/kinetic weapon is the unique sidearm, Tourist’& rsquo; s Chosen with the finished stimulant. This is currently a favorite of mine pre-Witch Queen, and also it’& rsquo; s regarding to be even better. All of the exotic primaries are receiving a 40% damages buff versus normal red-bar enemies, and also Traveler’& rsquo; s Chosen already ruins minor enemies (provided you have to remain in sidearm variety).

  • –– Celebration Light: Final impacts with this weapon grant stacks of Event Light. Long press reload to take in heaps, giving melee, grenade and also class capacity power based upon the number of stacks.
  • –– Present of the Vacationer: Each stack of Event Light boosts this tools refill, dealing with as well as target purchase.

The driver provides us Full Vehicle and also Osmosis: Utilizing your grenade capacity modifications this tool’& rsquo; s damage kind to match your subclass up until you stow it.

So, when we have Vacationer’& rsquo; s Chosen with Osmosis triggered, we’& rsquo; ll be doing concerning 5% less damages than if it were kinetic. That’& rsquo; s not much of’a loss, and also we’& rsquo; ll make it up anyhow and also it & rsquo; s worth the tradeoff since we’& rsquo; ll proccing Abyssal Extractors. As we & rsquo; re slaughtering minor opponents with our explosives as well as void’damages Tourist & rsquo; s Chosen, we & rsquo; re proccing Abyssal Extractors and also stacking stacks of Event Light. This combination will certainly allow us have our grenade and also rift offered whenever we want them. That permits us to maintain feed on energetic, and have our empowering rift up with our Void Soul friend compromising adversaries. Opponents that die to our scatter explosives are exploding, potentially eliminating close-by adversaries. Those that put on’& rsquo; t die, are being deteriorated by Mirror of Undermining (which provides a 15% damage aficionado versus the weakened enemy, so it’& rsquo; s just a much less potent variation of the old Oppressive Darkness artifact mod.

Our various other starting tools are:


–– Glacioclasm –– Void blend rifle –– Dropping Guillotine –– Invalidated sword

Currently you could do Null Composure as well as Threaded Needle if you want. I’& rsquo; m using Glacioclasm due to the fact that my own has Demolitionist as well as its high damages. Vacationer’& rsquo; s Chosen is making quick job of minors, Glacioclasm will make quick job of majors. Eliminates with it will offer me grenade energy (plus proc Abyssal Extractors for extra power) as well as I can quickly reload it by throwing an explosive).

Breaking out Falling Guillotine since it’& rsquo; s been a while because I’& rsquo; ve used it and also considering we have a sidearm and also a blend rifle, we’& rsquo; re mosting likely to be in the thick of the action during. Hanging back with a Threaded Needle doesn’& rsquo; t fit the build. I have fun with individuals who like Gjallarhorn, so when I have fun with them, I could exchange the sword for either a Royal Entry or Bad Prophecies.

Swords make quick work of most points, I can toss down the encouraging rift and whack away at majors, champions, and also ultras.

Armor Mods

And also once more, this is a starter build using just mods currently in the video game. It’& rsquo; s very likely that Witch Queen will introduce new mods that will probably be much better and also do some trendy things, but you most likely won’& rsquo; t have accessibility to the awesome ones at the beginning of the project. Statistics are also whatever you like and have. I put on’& rsquo; t have actually incredibly maximized equipment myself on my Warlock, so I’& rsquo; m simply shaking 100 recuperation, 73 discipline, 63 intelligence, and 21 strength. Mobility is at 63 and with the fine, strength will go to 19 yet of all the stats for us wheelchair as well as toughness indicate the least.

On my Gap Nezarec’& rsquo; s Wrong I & rsquo; m shaking Well of Tenacity: Picking up a Gap important well reduces the damage you take from fighters for a brief amount of time. Also have Combination Rifle and also Sword Ammunition finders as well as a Technique Mod.

On my gap Gauntlets I have Elemental Ordnance: Defeating a fighter with an explosive spawns an elemental well that matches your subdivision energy type. As this is a starter build for the campaign, we’& rsquo; re not fretted about artifact/champion mods. So, I have Bolstering Detonation: Grants course capacity energy when you cause damage with a grenade and also Fastball: Rises grenade toss range. Also, a Self-control Mod.

On my space Chest item, Typeface of Might: Picking up an essential well that matches your subdivision power type grants a temporary incentive to tool damages of that very same important kind. Concussive Dampener, Sniper Resistance as well as a Healing mod.

On my solar boots, Plentiful Wells: Essential well mods that create you to generate wells can now pile, spawning added wells for each and every extra copy of the mod you have actually outfitted. Blend Rifle Scavenger and also a Recovery mod.

On my arc bond, Looking for Wells: Elemental wells you create will cross the ground towards close-by gamers. Also, Distribution: Lowers all capability cooldowns when utilizing your course ability near targets, as well as a Healing mod.

You only require one of each shield fondness. Space to get Well of Persistence, Solar to get Plentiful Wells, as well as Arc to obtain Seeking Wells. That provides you freedom with your other 2 armor options. For instance, you could shake Stasis gloves with Elemental Ordnance and also Grenade Kickstart if you truly wished to get just a little much more grenade power as quickly as you toss it.

Which’& rsquo; s our Voidwalker PvE Witch Queen Starter Build. This is the develop that I will certainly be jumping into the Witch Queen project, on Tale trouble, with. There is naturally a lot of flexibility right here; you can utilize virtually any kind of void power and power tool that you desire.


Gary is Proprietor as well as Editor-in-Chief of Vortainment. He’& rsquo; s typically uploading information and also reviews, and doing all the backside stuff as well. He likes to play computer game, see films, wrestling and university football (Roll Tide Roll).

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