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Tribes of Midgard

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Picked up Tribes of Midgard, played through the tutorial and one run.

Failed on Day 4. Getting in the hang of it. It's definitely not an easy game, but so far it seems pretty fun.

As a rogue-lite and survival game, your goal here is to try and improve each run. Here it's to defeat the boss in the Saga mode and use the Bifrost to leave and get some Golden Horns. Or just see how many days the world can survive. 

While you don't get to start new runs with some big advantage like you can in some rogues, you are progressing your season rank and unlocking rewards via challenges to get cosmetics, runes, currency to buy stuff in the real mtx store, and starter kits (start with a pickaxe and lumberaxe or start with a full villager armor set).

Overall, super early impressions of it is that it's pretty fun and not easy. Seems like it'd be even better with others as it supports up to 10 players (probably not something I'd want to do with randoms though). Definitely worth the $20.

Art style is great, combat is pretty straightforward. I'm not digging the lack of being able to rotate the camera (but you can't in Diablo either so I'll get used to it). 

Topic starter Posted : August 2, 2021 12:48 AM
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I'm liking it so far.

Posted : August 10, 2021 3:11 PM
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