The Sandman

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The Sandman is a fictional character who makes appearances in comic books and cartoons. In the 80s cartoon The Real Ghostbusters, he supposedly put Manhattan to sleep for 500 years and turned its citizens’ dreams into nightmares. He also made appearances in the animated series Martin Mystery.

In the Marvel comics, the Sandman is an ally of Electro. He is voiced by Darrin Norris. In the comics, he fights Spider-Man twice, but is ultimately defeated by Spider-Man by using water. He is later credited with the death of Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben.

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Sandman first appeared in the comic book series The Amazing Spider-Man. The Sandman was a former minion of Hammerhead. He also has a daughter named Keemia. His origin story is that he mutated to have sand-based powers and then died. His daughter Keemia is the Sandman’s daughter.

In The Amazing Spider-Man comics, the Sandman was a reserve member of the Avengers. In one of the comics, the Sandman teamed up with Spider-Man to defeat the Super-Soldier. He was also part of the Silver Sable’s Wild Pack team.

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In the comics, the Sandman also attacks a nuclear testing facility, where he comes into contact with radioactive sand. After the exposure, Marko’s body is restructured into sand. He then adopts the name of the Sandman. This gives him a more powerful and dangerous appearance.

The Sandman has the power to transform his arms and hands into different shapes. This allows him to battle Spider-Man and other enemies. He can also control the particle density in his body and has superhuman strength. He can also transform into a sandstorm and suffocate his enemies.

The Sandman first appeared in Marvel comics in 1963. He later joined the Sinister Six. His first enemies were Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man. He recruited Venom to join the group. Venom was able to attack him and tear off a piece of his sand. As a result, Sandman lost his ability to maintain a human form.

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