SEC Game of the Week 10/27/18: #9 Florida vs. #7 Georgia

Florida vs. Georgia 2018

It's the last week of October, and the SEC has four teams in the top 10. Saturday night, in Jacksonville, FL, two of those teams will meet in a huge SEC East showdown. The Florida Gators are riding high. They're ranked ninth in the country and three weeks ago they upset the now fourth ranked … Continue reading SEC Game of the Week 10/27/18: #9 Florida vs. #7 Georgia


Madden NFL 15 Review

Madden NFL 15

I played and reviewed last year's Madden NFL 25 on PS3 when it released. That game later came to PS4 and Xbox One, but as I didn't get a PS4 until May, I didn't experience last year's Madden game on the current gen systems. So the first thing I noticed when getting into a game … Continue reading Madden NFL 15 Review

Madden NFL 25 Review

Madden NFL 25

The 25th anniversary of the acclaimed Madden series is upon us and the game is in sort of a rough spot currently. Madden 25 hits stores on the 27th of August for current generation consoles PS3 and Xbox 360, and this version of the game is running on Infinity Engine 2.0 (an improvement over last … Continue reading Madden NFL 25 Review

NCAA Football 14 Review

NCAA Football 14

It’s July, and besides fireworks that can only mean one thing… a new NCAA Football is upon us. It’s hard to believe, but thankfully it is indeed almost time once again for the greatest of all sports: college football. The new season begins at the end of August, and that gives us plenty of time … Continue reading NCAA Football 14 Review

Madden NFL 13 (Wii U) Review

Madden NFL 13

I reviewed Madden NFL 13 back in August and scored it a 4/5. It is a superb football game. I'm not going to write out a long review for the Wii U version because it doesn't need it. If you already own Madden NFL 13, then you don't need to purchase it again for the Wii … Continue reading Madden NFL 13 (Wii U) Review