Chronos: Before The Ashes Review

December 11, 2020 // 0 Comments

In 2016, Gunfire Games released the RPG Chronos, which a lot of folks compared to titles like Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda. While the game was generally well received, it had an extremely limited audience because it was a VR game on PC promoted by Oculus. So you had to VR to play it. Now the game has been overhauled and the VR removed, and [...]

Torchlight III Review

October 30, 2020 // 0 Comments

In real life, it’s been eight years since Torchlight 2 released but finally the third game in the franchise is here. In game, it’s been a century since the events of Torchlight II. Novastraia is once more under threat of invasion and you’ll need to venture forth into the frontier to defend against the Netherim and its allies. [...]

Quick Look: Cloudpunk (PS4)

October 15, 2020 // 0 Comments

We’re starting a new occasional feature here on Vortainment in conjunction with our recently launched YouTube channel. It’s called Quick Look, where I’ll be showing the first 20-30 minutes of a game with a little bit of commentary over it. Like an early impressions thing before we do our written review. I’m completely new [...]

Welcome To The Frontier, Torchlight III Launches Tomorrow

October 12, 2020 // 0 Comments

It’s been a longtime coming, but tomorrow Torchlight III finally releases officially (it’s been in early access for months on PC). Torchlight 2 released back in September 2012, so it’s been awhile for the franchise. Originally announced as free-to-play Torchlight Frontiers, the game underwent some changes during development after [...]

Crysis Remastered Review

October 1, 2020 // 0 Comments

In 2007, I was doing most of my gaming on the Nintendo Wii, the original Xbox, and a low-end PC (mostly playing Black Hawk Down multiplayer). My brother built a gaming PC and it did run Crysis, although it didn’t run it on the highest setting (one below that). I played a little bit of Crysis on that PC when the game came out and it was [...]

Harvest Moon: One World Delayed Until March 2021

September 16, 2020 // 0 Comments

Natsume released an update today on the status of the upcoming Harvest Moon: One World title. Originally set for a release in November, the game will now come out on March 2, 2021 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The delay is being penned on Covid-19 impacts, which is understandable. In Harvest Moon: One World, the art of farming and many kinds of [...]

Darksiders Genesis Review

February 27, 2020 // 0 Comments

Darksiders Genesis has arrived on consoles (PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) after releasing late last year for PC and Google Stadia. Budget priced at $39.99, Genesis brings a lot of value to the table in terms of a fun gameplay loop and replayability. Genesis is a spin-off of the main Darksiders games, and in this case serves as a prequel [...]

Diablo 3 Season 19 Begins Tomorrow

November 21, 2019 // 0 Comments

Diablo 3 kicks off its 19th Season, the Season of Eternal Conflict, tomorrow meaning its the perfect time to return to the game especially if the recent reveal of Diablo IV has gotten you hyped up. Season 19 features killstreak rewards. Inspired by the war waged between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, you‘ll earn increasingly powerful [...]

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Review

June 17, 2019 // 0 Comments

Sniper Elite V2 first released way back in May 2012 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Two more mainline additions and seven years later, Sniper Elite V2 has been remastered for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Is the trip back to 1945 Berlin and the final days of World War II worth it? The short answer is, it depends. If you never played Sniper [...]