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Lair Review


Lair Review

Lair is something of your basic story of guy that fights for the good guys, slowly discovers that there are corrupt forces at work on his side, joins the other side, and must then defeat the corrupt leadership he used to work for to bring peace to the world.  Sound a tad complicated?  It is, but the story flows fairly nicely.  If only I could say the same for all the game play features.

While most of the game play is pretty straight forward, some of the one-on-one flight combat controls involves jerking the controller around in order to slam into the other dragon, not very user friendly in my view.  Also, while some of the cut scenes were pretty nice graphics wise, the game play visuals are at least a step below those most of the time, and sometimes a little lower than that.

All told, this is a pretty decent game, but it was something of a disappointment based on what I was hoping for.  It had it’s fun at times, but certain missions/levels were quite tedious and not in a good way.  The boss fights at the end of the game were actually easier than some of the mid-mission fights in earlier in the game.

Good news is, as I just said, this game does have it’s fun moments, and by now you can pick it up very much on the cheap side, especially used.  If you are looking for something where you get to use dragons, this is probably your best bet that I am aware of at the moment, but don’t expect too much replay value.  Until next time, Game On.

Lair gets a two out of five: FORGETTABLE.

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