Killzone Mercenary Review

Today we’ll venture back to the PlayStation Vita and check out Killzone: Mercenary. The Killzone series is one of my favorites, so I was looking forward to getting my hands on this as soon as I found out about the title, and especially since I missed out on Killzone: Liberation as I did not have a PSP. I’m sure at some point I will probably be able to play that as a downloadable title on something, maybe it’s already available.

Enough with the chit chat, on to the review…

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I have to say, from what I’ve seen on the Vita, graphics seem to be a step behind consoles and PC games. I have to say that I expect that, and I don’t want that to sound like I think the graphics on Vita games is bad, quite the contrary, they are pretty good here. But I just feel it warrants pointing out since there have been games we here at TVE have raved about graphic wise, yet we(ok, just me since I’m the only one with a Vita) don’t usually speak very highly of graphics on the Vita. That said, this is one of the better looking Vita games I’ve played, though not as good as Uncharted: Golden Abyss or Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation.


Pretty good here too. I’ve always thought the Killzone games, at least the ones I’ve played, have had solid audio, dialogue and voice acting. This game is no different. Add in some good sound effects, and this area quickly becomes a strength, not just for this game but the series.


We once again find ourselves embroiled in the war between the Helghast and the ISA. However, as opposed to all previous installments where we fight on the side of the ISA, in Mercenary, as the title suggests, our main character, Arran Danner, finds himself fighting on both sides of the battle.


Yet another straight forward first-person shooter. A few of the controls/interactions seem a tad simplistic, and there are points where the game’s idea of a challenge is basically just sending a horde or two of enemies at you. This incarnation does offer a weapons locker every so often where you can buy and swap out new guns. Downside is most of the rifles and secondary weapons seem a bit lacking, but there are some specialty items that are fun to play with.

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The Good:

Solid graphics, good audio offerings, and a fun little shooter.

The Bad:

Some uninspiring weapon choices and the game is on the short side, but I’ve found that is the case with a good portion of hand held games.

Official Score:

This is a pretty entertaining little romp, as the last several Vita titles I’ve played have been. With that said, I haven’t gotten my hands on a Vita game that had a “must play” feel to it since AC3: Liberation. Killzone: Mercenary is worth playing, and I would recommend it for Vita owners looking for a good shooter. But if your gaming plate is a little full, you can safely hold off for a bit before picking it up.

Killzone: Mercenary gets a three out of five: GOOD.

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