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Bioshock Review


Bioshock Review

Hello and welcome back for another edition of The Backlog.  Tonight we’ll be taking a look at the first Bioshock.  So without any further adieu…

Our story begins as Jack aboard a plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean.  The plane suddenly begins a rapid descent and crashes into the water(and right in the middle of a good cigar, damnit).  Naturally, you are the only survivor and must swim to the nearby lighthouse.  Inside the lighthouse, we ride a bathysphere down to the underwater city of Rapture.  You are contacted on a service radio by a man named Atlas.  Atlas tells you that he has been separated from his family and needs your help in reuniting with them, after which all of you will go to safety.

On the other side, the creator and leader of Rapture, Andrew Ryan believes you have been sent by the government of some surface country and kill him, and he intends to use everything at his disposal to kill you before that happens, from genetically altered splicers to security cameras and automated turrets.

In an effort to make it to Atlas’s family and get out of Rapture alive, you will need to use plasmids(genetically altering injections), find weapons, and collect money to buy supplies from vending machines(yes, ammunition is available in vending machines, how awesome is that?).  You can also research your enemies by taking pictures, and collect other supplies to use at U-Invent stations to create needed materials and plasmids.

BioShock Screenshot 01

Your biggest challenge will be fighting Big Daddies, large lumbering creatures wearing armored diving suits that escort Little Sisters around the city.  Big Daddies, provided you kill them, are a great source of money and supplies.  After dispatching with the escort, you have your option to either kill or help the Little Sister.  If you kill her, you get more ADAM(material you can cash in to get more plasmids, extra slots to use plasmids, health upgrades, and a few other things).  If you save them, you get other rewards.  How the game ends also depends on whether or not you kill the Little Sisters and how many you kill.

As the game moves along, you learn of Rapture’s history through radio transmissions, characters you meet and from finding audio recordings scattered throughout the levels.  And as the story progresses and things start to come together, the twisted web gets you wondering just who Jack is and who is really in charge.

This is a fantastic game.  The gameplay is easy to pick up and go, the graphics, while cartoonish, are very good, and the story is phenomenal.  Overall, I give this game a four out of four.  If you are a fan of good video games, you will enjoy this.  And, as with all the games I have reviewed thus far, you can find this for a very reasonable price at most retail outlets for just about any platform you wish.  So do yourself a favor and give this one a whirl if you haven’t already, and until next time, Game On.

BioShock gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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