BloodRayne: Betrayal Review

Initially, let me state that I have actually never ever played a video game in the BloodRayne series, and only caught regarding 5 to ten minutes of one of the movies when it began the Sci-fy network. It looked like an appealing collection nonetheless, so I leapt at the possibility to take a fracture at this video game.

As anticipated, we play as the title character, Rayne. With something of a cartoonish sultry outfit, complete with busty chest and high heeled boots, Rayne looks all set to beat the undead or take a spin around a pole in any type of number of gents’& rsquo; s clubs around the country. The artwork is likewise a lot more cartoonish than one could expect for a next-gen game, but has the classic feeling of something from the SNES/Sega Genesis days, only with more intensity to the personalities and also backgrounds. At the very same time, some scenes mix together too well, so a mistake or adversary can creep up on you as well as you end up being up to your death or obtaining tore down prior to you recognize what took place.

I discovered the combat regulates instead unsophisticated, as well as the battling series located me mashing the assault button continuously. One element of combat I did enjoy was the capability to “& ldquo; feed & rdquo; on enemies to renew some of your health or “& ldquo; contaminate & rdquo; them, then push a switch and make them explode. That was a lot of enjoyable. Not so enjoyable, obtaining knocked down. I obtained knocked down a few times to state the least, and every time I seemed like I was enjoying the count scene from Rocky II, standing up appeared to enter slow motion as well as take way too long.

Our story begins with an armed forces pressure and their effort to quit the evil vampire king Kagan, also known as: Rayne’& rsquo; s papa. Obviously, this pressure understands their troops are inept against the vast vampires in their ascot connections and blue jackets, so go into Rayne in her “& ldquo; rocket coffin & rdquo;. Rayne emerges from the world’& rsquo; s fastest resting area and also the button mashing begins right after.

Generally, the video game and gameplay are not that difficult in and of itself. During the course of some study, I had actually seen some issues that the designers had replaced significant waves of opponents in place of real gaming difficulty and challenge. I can see where that argument originates from in some instances I experienced, but I also ran into scenarios that were fairly challenging as well as didn’& rsquo; t attribute any type of enemies outside of a huge saw blade that was chasing me over various dives from unstable systems to narrow, moving systems. I’& rsquo; ve never done any type of cross clothing so I can not talk from experience, however I can’& rsquo; t think of that those are very easy dives to make while using high heels.

I additionally assume that high assumptions may have caused several of those complaints. Certainly followers of any type of series will certainly desire the most effective for that series, as well as can in some cases produce unrealistic goals for designers to acquire. I’& rsquo; m no mind reader, so I don’& rsquo; t understand if that is what occurred in this instance, however as I stated earlier, I have actually not played either of the previous video games in the BloodRayne series, so I walked in with an open mind as well as a fresh start to work with.

I put in several hours with BloodRayne: Dishonesty over two days and made it with 7 of the 15 phases before having to meet my due date right here. Over the course of that time, I passed away sometimes at the hands of numerous opponents, pitfalls, saw blades as well as managers. I am pretty sure this video game has eliminated me greater than any type of other game I’& rsquo; ve played in recent memory, and that needs to count for something. The video game does have it’& rsquo; s flaws that maintain it from being actually excellent, yet still has some great components to keep it from being terrible.

BloodRayne: Betrayal gets a 2 out of five: DECENT.

* A duplicate of this game was given by the author for review.

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