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Shooter Review


Shooter Review
A former marine sniper, Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg) was living more of a solitary mountain life until he is visited by Colonel Isaac Johnson(Glover) who had received a threat on the President’s life.

Reluctantly pressed back into service for his country, Swagger must figure out the assassin’s plan for attack and in which city it will occur.

Trouble for Swagger is, he’s the fall guy for a coup to kill a visiting dignitary and he must now uncover who is behind the elaborate plot. Chaos and action ensue as Swagger always seems to stay one step ahead of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

Wahlberg really steals the show in this one. I never thought he was that good of an actor (probably because I never took him seriously), but he really did a great job in this role, while Glover also gave a solid performance.

Very good movie, give it a watch, or you could just add it to your collection and give it multiple watches.

Shooter gets a four out of five: GREAT.

Review originally written in 2008.

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