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Wild Hogs Review

Wild Hogs
The month of January concludes with the 31st Quick Daily Review. Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, and William H. Macy star in Wild Hogs, a mid-life crisis biker movie. Is it any good? Read the review to find out.

Wild Hogs Review

What happens when you put Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William Macy together? You get a funny movie, that’s what.

The four stars play middle-aged friends with not a whole lot of excitement going on in their lives. Doug Madsen (Allen) is a dentist looking to impress his wife and son, who he feels thinks that he is lame. Woody Stevens (Travolta) seems to be a successful and wealthy man, but his life falls apart when his supermodel wife divorces him and he goes broke.

Bobby Davis (Lawrence) is a janitor who gets no respect from his children or his successful and bossy wife. And there’s Dudley Frank (Macy), who is a computer software programmer and all around nerd who has no wife or girlfriend, or kids.

In their lame, broken, dominated and lonely mid-life crisis, the four friends, known as the ‘Wild Hogs’, decide to take a bike trip in search of adventure and freedom, and to reclaim their youth. As always though, there’s a group of bad guy bullies (the Del Fuegos) who want to spoil their fun, especially after Travolta causes their biker bar to blow up in a huge explosion.

Eventually, the group gets tired of running and hiding from the Del Fuegos and decide to take a stand for not only themselves, but for an entire town that is terrorized by the Del Fuegos. All this leads to a rather cheesy ending.

Cheesy ending aside, the film is solid from start to finish and is loaded with a lot of humorous moments and lines; most having to do with toilet humor, gay moments, and bike related incidents and crashes. If you’re looking for a good comedy filled with laughs and little bit of action, then you should definitely add Wild Hogs to your DVD collection.

Wild Hogs gets a three out of five: GOOD.

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