Stargate Continuum Review

Stargate Continuum is the utmost Stargate SG-1 experience; it has everything you might ever have actually liked about the prominent collection. Not just is the team of Daniel Jackson, Cameron Mitchell, Samantha Carter, Teal’& rsquo; c, Vala and also General Landry back with each other since we last saw them in The Ark of Reality, however they are joined by a wonderful numerous surprise appearances. General O’& rsquo; Neill, Walter, Major Davis, George Hammond, Head Of State Henry Hayes, Ba’& rsquo; al, Apophis, Yu, Cronus, and also Nirrti all make either supporting duties (Bachelor’s degree’& rsquo; al)or cameo appearances (everyone else). Actually, all we were missing out on was Bra’& rsquo; tac, Skaara, Jonas, Anubis and also Janet Fraiser (that I was actually hoping would certainly make an appearance), possibly a couple of others.

Continuum features a truly excellent tale. Throughout the years, the authors of SG-1 (and also Atlantis) have actually liked time-travel and alternative truth storylines. This film is the time-travel story told about as good as they can ever before anticipate to inform. SG-1’& rsquo; s world essentially vanishes around them, and they are thrown right into an alternating timeline. Bachelor’s degree’& rsquo; al has transformed everything as well as used his understanding of how occasions originally played out to totally control the galaxy and also end up being the supreme System Lord, whom the others comply with. He’& rsquo; s got Vala as Qetesh as his queen, as well as he’& rsquo; s obtained Teal & rsquo; c as his First Prime. There is no Stargate program, as well as Jackson, Mitchell and also Carter are prohibited to call one another by the United States government in the alternative timeline. Ba’& rsquo; al as well as his enormous fleet have arrived, and also Planet has ultimately lacked time.

Stargate Continuum was shot for $7 million dollars, and also it reveals. The Ark of Fact, while great, felt and look like a glorified 2-3 component episode of the show. Continuum feels and look like a film, a flick that looks far much better than the average direct-to-DVD action/sci-fi film. The film is packed with some really incredible visuals. I recognize, SG-1 always featured aesthetic effects that were amazing for a television show, specifically on their bigger episodes, yet Continuum really impacts all that out of the water. Fantastic visuals throughout, be it real things (like the Arctic scenes) or the CGI stuff, it’& rsquo; s all beautifully done.

If this is the to be the last adventure of SG-1, and also it unfortunately shows up that it will be, after that the collection couldn’& rsquo; t have actually ended any kind of far better (well it might’& rsquo; ve, however you get the point). It essentially includes something for everybody. If you were even a laid-back follower of Stargate SG-1, you’& rsquo; ll most likely enjoy this movie. If you’& rsquo; ve never see a Stargate episode previously, there’& rsquo; s sufficient in this motion picture for you to take pleasure in as well as possibly even make you a fan of Stargate.

Continuum attributes piece de resistances by the cast, fantastic shocks, some chilling minutes, a lot of tribute to previous SG-1 events, and also again the fantastic visuals. This is the conclusive SG-1 event. Fan of the collection or not, if you take pleasure in science-fiction and also a good action movie, Stargate Continuum is a must have for your DVD collection. Heck, sustain the SG-1 staff and also purchase two.

Stargate Continuum gets a four out of 5: EXCELLENT.


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