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Tin Male is the legendary miniseries from the SyFy Channel that took Oz to a brand-new degree; it’& rsquo; s an up-to-date retelling of the story as well as science fiction meant for teenagers as well as grownups. When this initially aired on SyFy it was a three evening occasion that was 6 hrs long (which’& rsquo; s consisting of business breaks). There are no commercials on this Blu-ray release though, so the real size is someplace in between 4 and also 5 hrs, and I constantly such as to view all of it in one sitting. That may seem tedious, but it actually flies by quite quickly. That’& rsquo; s due to the fact that it is a good fantasy journey where you can quickly get wrapped up in the story and also the characters (assuming you don’& rsquo; t view it as a bastardized version of “& ldquo; The Wizard of Oz & rdquo;-RRB-. The miniseries stars the constantly cute and also talented Zooey Deschanel the interested as well as daring DG, who is brought into The External Area (O.Z.) from the Opposite by means of a twister (travel tornado). DG swiftly picks up a few allies along the road as she begins her trip to unlocking her past as well as her fate. Joining her on her course is Glitch (Alan Cumming), the brainless previous consultant to the Queen, Raw (Raoul Trujillo), the courage-less Audience lion looking animal, and also the Tin Male, Wyatt Cain (Neal McDonough), the brutal ex-Tin Guy on the Mystic Male’& rsquo; s protection squad.

All 4 have an ax to grind with Azkadellia the Hag (Kathleen Robertson), the bad witch that subjugates the O.Z., as well as her band of Longcoats (police/army). However so as to get on their way, they have to swing by Central City and also speak to the Mystic Male (Richard Dreyfuss), a drugged out “& ldquo; wizard. & rdquo; With each other, as well as sometimes divided, they make the lengthy as well as tough journey to the last face-off with Azkadellia, in a last ditch initiative to conserve the O.Z. create the evil of the Witch and also long-term darkness. They also grab a shape-shifting Toto/Tutor (Blu Mankuma) along the road.

There are twists and turns throughout the movie, a few of which are very important and truly aid make the show, so I won’& rsquo; t ruin any of them. When I viewed this when it originally broadcast back in December 2007, I wasn’& rsquo; t actually anticipating a lot. I saw since it looked excellent in the previews, I suched as “& ldquo; The Wizard” of Oz, & rdquo; and also it starred Zooey(that is possibly the only celeb that I have a crush on). Leaving all ideas of “& ldquo; The Wizard of Oz & rdquo; behind however, I was completely amazed & hellip; specifically for a SyFy original miniseries. I grabbed the DVD when it came out, and currently this Blu-ray, and I normally enjoy annually in late December (it’& rsquo; s sort of a Xmas tradition for me currently, even though it doesn’& rsquo; t have anything to do with Christmas).

I am a huge follower of Zooey Deschanel, which is clear to any individual that frequents this website, and also she performed her function as DG extremely well; she’& rsquo; s all cute and innocent looking yet amusing as well as take on at the exact same time. The rest of the actors all did terrific, with standouts being Alan Cumming’& rsquo; s Problem, Neal McDonough’& rsquo; s Wyatt Cain and also Kathleen Robertson’& rsquo; s Azkadellia(the sexist witch EVER). Richard Dreyfuss’ & rsquo; quick time in the program was also well done and also, at times, amusing.

This Blu-ray release is the same as the DVD version that I previously had; it doesn’& rsquo; t have any kind of unique Blu-ray special functions. The conventional functions are below: the making of, on the established with the director, bloopers and tricks, interviews with the actors as well as supervisor, a little feature with Raul Trujillo, and a featurette on “& ldquo; making the Mystic Male” & rdquo; with Richard Dreyfuss as well as the director, Nick Prepared. Certainly it do without claiming that the Blu-ray launch looks better, and as far as I’& rsquo; m concerned it & rsquo; s constantly worth upgrading a DVD to Blu-ray if it means HD Zooey.

If you’& rsquo; re searching for a terrific dream adventure, that’& rsquo; s amusing yet fairly dark, after that Tin Man is for you. An imaginative, well considered miniseries based (freely) on The Terrific Wizard of Oz book by L. Frank Baum. All over, it is a wonderful, captivating tale that belongs in your collection.

Tin Guy gets a 4 out of 5: FANTASTIC.


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