WWE 2K14 Review

One of the largest grievances of in 2015 was the total absence of realism and difficulty by the A.I. There was an obsession by the A.I. to intend to take you outside as well as put you with the announce table no mater what, occasionally the fascination with being outdoors would certainly be so negative that you can in fact win by count out. The A.I. also had a strong fixation with intending to drive you with the barrier in every match.

Then there was the whole 2 count debacle that triggered the A.I. to reject of signatures and finishers continually at a 1 count, eliminating some of the drama from the suit all together. Last but not least the general difficulty of the A.I. was fairly reduced once you obtained made use of to the game. The timing was quite regular with their strikes and also once you got it down you might turn around a good portion of the A.I.’& rsquo; s violation even on Legend problem.

I can honestly say that every one of those issues have been resolved and also taken care of with WWE 2K14. Actually the A.I. can be downright intense at times. I have actually already had a couple of suits on Typical setting in which I got my butt kicked as well as shed whereas last year that was unusual also on Legend.

The most significant thing to me is the A.I. is wise sufficient to differ its strikes and grapples so you can’& rsquo; t regularly find out the timing with ease making it trickier to turn around steps. The A.I. additionally doesn’& rsquo; t slow down when they injure you, if they hit a trademark or finisher then they are choosing the success. No more of them striking a large step and afterwards either walking around or selecting you up and throwing you outside the ring. It truly really feels as if the A.I. wants to win just as badly as you do.

Thanks to this reduced rated men can actually hang with the greater ranked guys on the roster making suits always really feel equally matched. One of the greatest issues for me was playing a suit in the capillary of Randy Orton vs Heath Slater as well as obtaining bored since I wouldn’& rsquo; t really feel that Slater ever before had a possibility to beat me. Thankfully that’& rsquo; s not the case any longer.

30 Years of Wrestlemania

Definitely like this mode and also certainly feel it’& rsquo; s an action up from last year & rsquo; s Perspective Era. The graininess offered to the camera filter to made the suits in the first Wrestlemania arenas look dated is a great touch.

It’& rsquo; s extremely easy to obtain shed in the moment and obtain delivered back in time to several of your favorite circumstances in Wrestlemania history. It likewise ought to serve as a strong background lesson for the more recent generation of followers that didn’& rsquo; t have the privilege of seeing some of these terrific suits as they happened.

Among my favored features however is likewise one of my only grievances in this mode. While seeing the computer animated lineup recreate several of the discounts from Wrestlemania past (very first pops up as Macho Man’& rsquo; s pre-Wrestlemania V promo is supplied) produces some amazing scenes it makes you understand just how much better the earlier part of the setting can have been with the very same therapy. While the later fifty percent of the setting gets the benefit of revealing a few of the video clip plans that composed the feuds that are included, some of the earlier matches are relatively bare bone.

This is where I assume it might have been terrific to consist of recreated cut scenes from these matches (i.e. Andre tearing Hogan’& rsquo; s t shirt and also pendant off) to spice them up. Still a wonderful mode, yet a little function that could have made it damn near ideal.


Thanks partially to the above pointed out three decades of Wrestlemania setting this year’& rsquo; s game boasts the most effective lineup on a wrestling video game ever before. You can always nit pick as well as claim he or she needs to have been in, however truthfully my lineup issues are quite marginal. Stunned that Curtis Axel and the Usos weren’& rsquo; t consisted of, however I & rsquo; ve currently discovered a solid Axel by means of Neighborhood Creations as well as I & rsquo;d picture I should have a strong variation of the Usos at any time now. R.V.D., the Wyatt Family, and also Los Matadores all showed up too late so I wasn’& rsquo; t amazed concerning them at all. Luckily strong variations of them are currently on Area Creations also. As soon as the DLC rolls out in December my current lineup must be totally up to date.

Currently to speak about the tales, I like the means they were handled this year. An animal peeve of mine with legends in-game has actually constantly been movesets. I hate to take a man like Hulk Hogan to the leading rope as well as have him hit a rocket decrease kick. Or have a man like Macho Man grapple somebody and struck a fatality valley vehicle driver. Undoubtedly those examples are exaggerations however you obtain what I’& rsquo; m getting at. It & rsquo; s really noticeable that a great deal of time was taken into producing old-fashioned move sets for the legends that makes a match in between Ricky Boat and Ric Panache, really feel like a suit in between Ricky Steamboat as well as Ric Style. It’& rsquo; s something that in my opinion has actually regularly been misunderstood in years past yet not anymore.

My only roster gripe relates to having actually individuals included in three decades of Wrestlemania however not unlockable in the video game. For the life of me I can’& rsquo; t understand why Roddy Piper is included as an unique referee in the Bret Hart/Yokozuna match from Wrestlemania but isn’& rsquo; t in the game. Certain they included his head, body/attire theme, as well as relocates CAW so he’& rsquo; s easy sufficient to produce but why not include him given that he already had a character design in the game. The same can be said concerning The human race (Mick Foley remains in the game) whom turns up in the Rock/Stone Cold match yet isn’& rsquo; t in the video game. His personality would certainly have been even simpler since Mick Foley currently exists, which utilizes the old Mankind music. The last one is the Ultimate Warrior. I obtain they wanted to enhance pre-order sales as well as he’& rsquo; ll be released individually ultimately, but there is no factor whatsoever he shouldn’& rsquo; t unlock as soon as you get rid of the Wrestlemania VI match with Hogan.


This is easily the setting in which obtains the most time from me time after time. My primary two concerns last year were the fact that stories would certainly begin however after that never go anywhere, and also the truth that I literally never also once got a branching storyline with the options.

Yes, among the primary selling factors in ins 2014 game essentially never ever occurred for me. I can claim that the new competition feature seems to clean up the whole broken story arc point from in 2015, I still can’& rsquo; t at this time talk on branching storylines. I’& rsquo; ve read multiple individuals state they happen a lot more often now but regrettably I’& rsquo; m quite early on in my Cosmos because of the amount of matches I run weekly.

There have actually been some grievances that the competition developer creates the cpu to reserve a great deal of Submission and Extreme Rules matches, but I don’& rsquo; t fret about it excessive considering that the capability to modify suits still exists.

They did however ultimately repair it so you can change the amount of compare to 7 on significant programs currently. Doesn’& rsquo; t appear like much to some but as somebody who for the life of the Smackdown series has always liked to book 6 suits on Raw and Smackdown it has certainly cleaned up my World.

Beat the Streak/Defend the Streak

Defeat the Touch is a little a hit-or-miss with me. While it can absolutely be enjoyable I simply feel that the design can be a little economical at times.

For the most part it’& rsquo; s not that the Undertaker is actually truly tough, it’& rsquo; s just that the quantity of damage he does per action is substantially increased while the damages you do per relocation is greatly lowered.

Where it comes to be inexpensive is when you are controling him as well as hit an action however unintentionally land on a weapon (chair/ring steps) it counts as the Undertaker striking a move on you and significantly lowers your health and wellness. At the same time it ends up being very easy to make use of the layout by investing most of the suit on the outside, thus negating most of the Undertaker’& rsquo; s” & ldquo; methods & rdquo; he makes use of.

It most definitely has it’& rsquo; s charm but I feel it & rsquo; ll be more of a mode you play periodically instead of regularly. Though the leaderboard scoring will most absolutely increase it’& rsquo; s replay worth for the affordable kinds. There are additionally some WrestleMania pictures that can’& rsquo; t be unlocked through Accelerator or other method that are accessed in this mode for those that want to complete every little thing.

Defend the Streak on the other hand is a little bit much more enjoyable in my eyes. It’& rsquo; s a variant of the old slobberknocker mode (which can be opened in this mode) featuring you as the Undertaker versus the whole lineup more or less. Not sure the length of time it goes (assuming the entire roster) however I made it to 46 my initial go around before shedding to Brodus Clay (yes, Funk gets on a Roll).

Nonetheless this isn’& rsquo; t a setting you can grab and play for a couple of minutes as my very first session lasted around 50 mins so you absolutely intend to see to it to permit sufficient time. Equally as featured in Loss the Touch, Defend the Streak also includes a leaderboard where you can publish your score.


I truthfully haven’& rsquo; t spent much time with the development features as nowadays I virtually rely upon the neighborhood. I do think the incorporation of Superstar Heads is a fantastic enhancement as well as hopefully they can function it out where the whole roster is readily available for WWE 2K15. Would certainly behave to be back to the old N64 days of conveniently updating the clothes of the lineup.

I’& rsquo; ve observed small upgrades this year with a few of the computer animations being redone (heard that Antonio Cesaro and Colt Cobana played a large duty) making some even fundamental steps seem a great deal a lot more crisp. As a whole even the noises of moves seem far better, whether it’& rsquo; s the effect on the canvas or things like hitting a person with the ring actions.

An additional large upgrade is the web servers. Every person bears in mind the fiasco of WWE 12, and honestly 13 wasn’& rsquo; t as smooth as it might have been. A great deal of times you’& rsquo;d log onto Neighborhood Creations just for the thing to time out and send you back to the menu. Currently points run smooth as can be as well as downloads from Community Creations are very quickly.

This is conveniently the best fumbling video game of this generation as well as if you’& rsquo; ve ever before been a follower of the Smackdown series it’& rsquo; s one I can & rsquo; t see a reason as to why you would certainly want to avoid. Even if you aren’& rsquo; t a follower of the present item, the tales lineup must be sufficient to please followers of all ages.

WWE 2K14 obtains a 4 out of 5: GREAT.


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