PlayStation Plus Free Games For January 2021 Revealed

December 30, 2020 // 0 Comments

Sony has revealed the line up of free games coming for PlayStation Plus subscribers in January, including one PS5 game and two PS4 games (which can of course also be played on PS5). Maneater (PS5 Version)* Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas – a terrifying shark! Maneater is a single player, open world action [...]

Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype Definitive Edition Review

November 10, 2020 // 0 Comments

Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype released on PS3 all the way back in May 2010, and came to PS Vita in March 2015. Now it has made its way to PS4 (and via backwards compatability PS5) in the form of the Definitive Edition. If you played the 2010 hit, then you’ll probably like taking it for another spin. Already a game that looked good, this [...]

Updated PlayStation Mobile App Begins Rolling Out Today

October 28, 2020 // 0 Comments

At some point today, the new update will begin rolling out globally for the PlayStation App on iOS (12.2 or later) and Android (6.0 or later). The updated PlayStation App has been “re-imagined to enhance your gaming experiences on both PS4 and PS5” and “will amplify your connections with friends and games even when you’re [...]

PlayStation Plus Free Games For November 2020 Announced

October 28, 2020 // 0 Comments

Sony has announced the free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers for November 2020. Of course the PS5 releases on November 12th, and there will be a free PS5 game. PlayStation Plus Game Available for PS5 Owners November 12 Bugsnax (PS5 Version) The very first PS5 game to join PlayStation Plus is Young Horses’ ultra-charming, whimsical [...]

No, Sony Isn’t Recording Your PS4 Party Chat

October 14, 2020 // 0 Comments

A trending topic on Twitter for the past few hours has been #PS4Update because of the update Sony released earlier today. When you click on the trend, you get this message from Twitter about why that hashtag is trending: PlayStation 4 users are not happy about the newest update that reportedly allows Sony to record party chats for moderation [...]

PS4 System Software Update 8.00 Now Available

October 14, 2020 // 0 Comments

Sony has pushed out Update 8.00 to PS4 today, and this update actually brings some significant changes rather than just system stability. Players will no longer be able to create events or see previously created player events. The events feature is now just for developers. You can also no longer create private parties. The party feature is now [...]

Sony Details PS5’s PS4 Backwards Compatibility

October 9, 2020 // 0 Comments

Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management at PlayStation, has detailed how the PS5’s PS4 backwards compatibility and enhancements work along with cross-saves and what PS4 games aren’t playable on the system (over 99% are). When the PlayStation 5 launches this November, more than 99 percent of the 4000+ [...]

PlayStation Getting Enhanced Trophy Leveling System Tonight

October 7, 2020 // 0 Comments

Sony has announced and detailed an overhaul to the PlayStation Trophies leveling system that will go live tonight. You’ve all heard that satisfying sound when a Trophy pops up on the corner of your screen. There’s the sense of accomplishment when that ultra-rare Platinum trophy is unlocked after hours of pursuing. Trophies were first [...]

Save 48% And Snag PS Plus For A Year For Just $31.79

September 30, 2020 // 0 Comments

We inch ever closer to the launch of PS5 on November 12th, and you can get ready for that launch by adding another year to your PlayStation Plus subscription at a savings of 48%. CDKeys currently has a year of PS Plus for just $31.79, just about half off the retail price of $59.99. Sony has already announced the PlayStation Plus Collection for [...]

PlayStation Plus Games For October 2020 Announced

September 30, 2020 // 0 Comments

Sony has revealed the two games that PS4 owners will be able to download for free in the month of October. Need for Speed: Payback Survive thrilling heist missions, partake in metal-crunching car battles, perform dazzling setpieces and more in this four-wheeled action blockbuster. Set in the fictional, corrupt gambler’s paradise of Fortune [...]